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    Cradley Links

    Then & Now by David Bartley

    David Bartley is a Tipton poet, sometimes one of the Black Country Poetry and Banter group and about to become one of the Black Country Night Out. He is frequently called upon to give poetry readings at Cradley Then & Now meetings and he describes himself as "a very good friend of Cradley".

    Cradley is a marvluss plerce, the folk um warm 'n' proud,

    The Cradley Then 'n' Now Group um a really smashin crowd.

    Yow'll never find a better bunch, they simply um the best,

    That Peggy Grove is wunderful 'n' wot about Jill Guest?

    Cradley folk um friendly 'n' they'll never gi' ya grief,

    Unless ya say that Cradley ay uz good uz Cradley Heath!

    Then yam in some trubble 'n' ya might well sherk wi' fear,

    Ya could well get a broken nose 'n' a great big cauliflower ear!

    Cradley's more 'istorical, its tradition guz a way back,

    Although its 'ad no noisy bikes whizzin' 'round a dusty track!

    There wuz the fermuss Netherend Brick Works 'n' the Hightown Ragged School,

    The Flint Field 'n' The Tannery, yes the 'istory meks ya drool.

    The Jailyard 'n' The Milestone 'n' the well known Dungeon Head,

    Weer the great John Wesley proudly preached 'n' 'is werds wuz 'eard 'n' spread.

    A Chainshop stood in Butchers Lane, a Werkhouse near Two Gates,

    The Round uv Beef, the Talbot 'n' the butchers known uz Tates.

    The Anvil Yard 'n' The Chapelhouse, The Bull Ring within the wall,

    The Park House Steps, Tregarron House, St. Peter's standing tall.

    The Windmills 'n' The Colleries 'n' The Little Un Perper Shap,

    Steve Bloomer wuz born by The River Stour 'n' 'e donned un England cap.

    Yes, Cradley is a special place, its steeped in passion 'n' pride,

    Its the jewel in the crown uv the region 'n' this fact cor be denied.

    The Cradley Then 'n' Now Group um a credit ter the town,

    So if yam proud uv Cradley, please mek sure ya track 'em down!

    May 2005

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