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    Surnames and Contacts
    ADAMS Benjamin and Eliza ADAMS as seen on 1841 Census for Cradley. David Adams
    AMPHLETT My Grandparents live in Quarry Bank and I have traced the family tree back to 1699. However although going back a long way I have very little detail of the lives they led in the Quarry Bank area and their jobs. I know my Grandfather was a blacksmith but have no information about where he worked in Cradley. - Any help would be appreciated. Eric Amphlett
    AMPHLETT In 1901 my great grandparents John and Sarah AMPHLETT lived at 122 New Street, Quarry Bank. I believe John was a brickmaker and his family came from the Madeley area of Shropshire. If anyone can help in filling in details on the brickworks and the location I would be most grateful. Glynn Tucker
    ATTWOOD Mary Ann ATTWOOD was my great grandmother, born 1869, married John RAYBOULD in 1887, died 1921. This Attwood family is the same one as almost every Attwood in the Black Country, traceable back to the 1400s, when they lived at Wolverley Court near Kidderminster. Nigel Brown
    ATTWOOD Thomas, born 1815 Quarry Bank, father Aaron born 1772, and wife Elizabeth Mansell born Cradley 1815. Linda Lamberg
    BACHE Benjamin Bache and Mira Bache (Ingley) and their children: Caleb 1835, Caroline 1837, Ann Kezia 1839, Mary 1842, Dinah 1844, Simeon 1846, Harriet 1847, all lived in the Cradley area. Annette
    BARNSLEY My Grandfather live most of his life at Maypole Hill, Cradley Forge, and worked as a chain maker. I have very little information about him and his wife and where he worked. - Any help would be appreciated Eric Amphlett
    BATE Ellen born 1859 in Ash Bank married Henry Roper. Both Ellen & Henry died in Walsall. Sue Haylett
    BATE My Bate Family goes back to 1693 all living in Cradley, starting with Thomas Bate who married Joyce Forrest at Halesowen on April 28th 1715, and going through to my Grandfather Benjamin Bate who married Lily Worton at St Peters Cradley on March 31st 1919. Glen Billingham
    BEASLEY There were many families in Cradley at one time and all were descended from one of just two marriages in either 1690/1 or 1732. They had an alias of Beardsley at one time as did a third branch of the family in Hales Owen. Stuart Robinson
    BEASLEY Samuel born Cradley 1766, spouse Esther. Steph Robinson
    BEASLEY John Beasley born 1795, married Mariah Mason at St Thomas Dudley 1813. Mariah Mason born 1795 father Benjamin Mason. Jill Guest
    BEASLEY Elizabeth, Frances, Benjamin & Joseph Beasley - all named in Stuart Robinson's Goin' Down Hayseech - are siblings to my 3 x great grandmother Sarah Beasley. Gina Cope
    BILLINGHAM I've been conducting a one name study for over 20 years into BILLINGHAM, and welcome all inquiries from researchers, who wish to acquire some family tree information from my database records. Gary Billingham
    BIRCH I am interested in anything anyone might know about my grandmother, Fanny Louise Hingley (née Birch), and her family who lived in Cradley Heath and Old Hill. They used to own a bakery and had shops in the Cradley Heath area. Simon Hingley
    BLOOMER Harriet Bloomer born 1841 father Benjamin Bloomer born 1814. She married Simeon Beasley son of John and Eliza Beasley. Jill Guest
    BOXLEY My family originated from Cradley and seem to have been involved in the chainmaking trade before moving to Sunderland at the beginning of the 20th Century. Alan Boxley
    BRADBURY The Bradbury family resided in Cradley, Dudley and Stourbridge from 1850 and quite possibly earlier. Amongst other trades, they were coal miners and chain makers. I've been unable to trace very much family history or make contact with living relatives. Bobb Bradbury
    BRETTEL BRETTELL/BRETTLE/BRITTELL one name study into all instances of the name. Mary is more than happy to help out anyone who has Brettells (of whatever spelling variation) in their tree and welcomes contact from other Brettell researchers. Mary B
    BRETTEL Sarah Ann BRETTELL, born 1861, daughter of Rueben and Harriet Brettell of High Park, Colley Gate. She married Thomas Royal in 1881. Carol Moore
    BURLEY On the 1841 census John Burley (b 1787) and his wife Elizabeth (née Tibbotts), as well as his brother Joseph Burley (b 1803) and his wife Mary all lived in Cradley Heath. They were both butchers. The brothers were baptised at St John the Baptist Church in Halesowen. Their sister Elizabeth Burley (b 1798) was baptised at Park Lane Presbyterian Church in Cradley. Their parents were Thomas Burley and Elizabeth Seedway who were living in Tibbotts Gardens with another son Thomas on the 1841. Any assistance would be appreciated. Carolyn Burley
    BUTLER Based in the Overend area of Cradley: Joseph (c.1786-c.1850) & Jane (c.1795-1873), Matthew (c.1822-1884) & Elizabeth (c.1821-1902), William (1852-1931). The family relocated to Lancashire in the late 1870s although some of William's siblings remained. Pete Daly
    CARTWRIGHT Joseph Cartwright Vicar Of Dudley 1800/1813 would like to make contact with his descendants. Kath Connors
    COLEY My 3 x great grandparents were William Coley (b1807, d1878) and Mary Walker (b1806, d1877 - father, Cornelius Walker). Their children were: Maria b1838, Joseph b30/10/1840, Benjamin b1844, d1887, Phoebe b1848 and William (my 2 x great grandfather) b15/2/1850, d15/11/1921. There may be more children to this marriage. Christine Peet
    COLVIN George and Margaret COLVIN (originally from Dumfries, Scotland) along with their 3 young children were enumerated at Hammersmith in 1871. he children's birthplace was Marylebone Parish. I don't know exactly when they moved to Cradley Heath, but George Maxwell Colvin died there in 1880, and his widow, Margaret Colvin (née Lockerby) and her 3 teenage children settled permanently in Cradley Heath. In 1911, her street address was 64 Corngreaves Rd. Her son, George, had married Sarah Jane Woodward and may have moved away, but 43-year old Alexander Adam Colvin with still unmarried and working on his own account at chain making (hammered). Daughter Agnes had married Thomas Walker in 1895, but she and her husband and growing family of children also remained in the family home at 64 Corngreaves Rd. Margaret Colvin (née Lockerby) died in 1914 at the age of 85. Did her son Alexander ever marry, and what happened to her Walker grandchildren - Annie, Thomas, Margaret, Alexander, Fanny, Frank and Leonard? Irene Mitchell
    COOPER Samuel born 6 June 1862 at Five Ways, Rowley Regis to Thomas Cooper and Elizabeth nee PARSONS married firstly Sarah Ann HALE in 1883. After her death he married Emma SHAW at the Holy Trinity Church, Old Hill, Cradley Heath. He was a Chainmaker and the 1901 census records him Emma and children from both marriages at Stour Hill, Quarry Bank. Thomas and Elizabeth married at St Edmunds Dudley on 25 December 1857, witnessed by William Price and Leonora Hingley. John Bland
    COX My great grandfather was William Cox born 1842, my great great grandfather was Edwin Cox born 1810. Many Cox's lived in Cradley and Halesowen. Malcolm Sidwell
    COX Joseph born Cradley 1790, spouse Sarah. Steph Robinson
    COX Eliza Cox born 1819, father James Cox born 1795. She married John Beasley born 1818, son of John and Mariah Beasley. Jill Guest
    CROFT Eliza Croft (nail maker) married Nov. 16, 1841 to Joseph Forrest, father Edward Croft (miller). Susan
    DARBY Ferdinando JONES (1795-1882) married Susanna DARBY (1789 -1847) (both of Cradley). He was an Iron worker and their sons Ferdinando and Thomas moved to the Iron Works at Consett, Co Durham in the 1850s. Fiona Hall
    DAVIES I am looking for information on the family of Alemady DAVIES born 1897 daughter of John Henry Davies. It is a very unusual name and I am hoping that it rings a bell with someone. She married Albert VINCENT in 1919 and I remember visiting them at Mogul Lane Netherend when I was a child. They both died in 1972. Mary born 1920 and John W born 1927 were two of their children. Rose Higgs
    DAVIS Wallace DAVIS, lived in Netherend / Park Lane in the 1930s with his wife, Mary Ann (Nee Hirons). Leigh Davis
    DAWSON My dad and his siblings were born in Cradley but I've found very little information relating to them, other than 1901/11 census returns: William Henry Douglas Dawson b.1898 (complete mystery); Violet Rose Dawson b.1899; Arthur Edward Dawson (my dad) b. 1903. The addresses given on the birth certificates are Beecher Street, Beecher Road and Beecher Fields. Mike Dawson
    DETHERIDGE Joseph born 1805 married Fanny Bloomer. Both died in Cradley. Sue Haylett
    DREW Rosina (1875 - 1963) and brothers George, Frederick and Daniel. Debbie Williamson
    EDMONDS Grandfather Enoch married Annie WESTBURY. Great grandfather Thomas married Elizabeth SIDAWAY, was caretaker at Colley Lane School, Cradley's school-attendance officer and income tax collector. Margaret Thompson
    EDMONDS Ingley EDMONDS who married Jane WARR on 19 October 1817 at Rowley Regis, later lived in Cradley (1841 and 1851 censuses). Jane was baptised on 16 December 1798 at Tardibigge. Alfred Edmonds of this family is named on the Cradley War Memorial (died in First World War), and his brother John Antipas Edmonds received the Military Medal and Cross of Karageorge. Jay Bishop
    FENDALL William born Cradley 1789, spouse Hannah. Steph Robinson
    FORREST Myra Forrest b. Jan 1, 1858 Lyde Green Cradley, married George Shaw; father Joseph Forrest (chain maker, Cradley ), mother Eliza Croft, grandfather William Forrest (nailer) wife unknown. Susan
    GILL James Gill and Charlotte nee Coley had daughter Lucy who married Albert Harrison. Their daughter Hagar from Cradley Heath was my mother. Christine Judd
    GILL Joseph born 1780 married Hester Bloomer in 1801 at Halesowen, both died in Cradley. Sue Haylett
    GILL Joseph GILL - My ggggf was Joseph Gill (b.1775) and married to Hester Bloomer (m. 23 January 1801). Does anyone have any knowledge of Joseph Gill's parentage or siblings? Sherrill Bell
    GREEN Richard GREEN, Liberal councillor for Cradley. Lived at Colley Gate House. I am his great grandson and would love to hear from anyone linked to him or his business Richard Green Ltd based in Cradley Heath. Robin Green
    HADEN Eliza born Cradley 1844, second wife of John Worton born 1827 Cradley. Linda Lamberg
    HADLEY We have been in Cradley from 1672 until 1842. Family name Hadley. First family member found is John Hadley born 1672 died 1742 married to Susannah Hadfield. Last member found is Edward Hadley born 1842 not sure of the death. Married to Mary Kurn born Carlow, Ireland. Sarah Salter
    HAMMERSLEY My great-grandfather William James HAMMERSLEY and his family lived at 7 High Street, Cradley Heath from about the late 1860s and two of them were still living there at the 1911 census. My grandfather Edwin Ragsdale Hammersley, and later my father Hereward Hammersley and my uncle Dale Hammersley, ran the clothing manufacturers E R Hammersley and Co. Ltd., whose main factory was at Lyde Green, Cradley, and which existed from about the turn of the twentieth century to the 1970s. Bryan Hammersley
    HARPER Thomas Taylor HARPER b 1819 married Hannah BRIDGEWATER. Children born in Cradley: Lavinia b 1845, John b 1848, Elizabeth b 1851 married Charles FARMER, Rebecca b 1852, Thomas b 1853 m Bertha, Caleb b 1858, Harry b 1860 m Margaret BROUGHALL, Leah b 1861 m William Daniel CARELESS. Steph Robinson
    HEAD Through my own research and of course through using Peter Head's book about the family, I have a reasonable but certainly not exhaustive record of the descendants of the first HEAD to move to Cradley, George Milord Head born 1808. Michael Head
    HICKTON My great-grandfather, Joe HICKTON who was a councillor and also mayor at one point, began the J.E.W Hickton & Sons Funeral Directors (undertakers) business in Lower High Street, Cradley Heath in the late 1800s. His son (my grandfather William Hickton (known as Bill) took over the business in 1957, his wife Mary was also a local midwife. Their son Trevor (my father) came in to the business in 1971, eventually taking over in 2001 after Bill passed away. Trevor changed the company name to Trevor E.W Hickton Ltd in 2005, and I came into the business in 2006. Ross W Hickton
    HILL John born Cradley 1746, spouse Elizabeth. Steph Robinson
    HINGLEY I am interested in anything anyone who may have known my father, Anthony Brian HINGLEY (died in 1959), and my grandfather Horace James HINGLEY (died in the 1970s) who lived in Cradley Heath. Simon Hingley
    HIPKISS A common Black Country surname, this Cradley family was associated with Rag Mill, Lodge Forge and the Inn in the 19th century. .
    HIRONS Mary Ann (nee HIRONS), lived in Netherend / Park Lane in the 1930s with her husband, Wallace DAVIS. Leigh Davis
    HODGETTS Benjamin born Cradley 1793, spouse Sarah. Steph Robinson
    HODGETTS Rosina WARD 1875 - 1963 (nee DREW) married Bert HODGETTS (d. 1964). Moved from 15 Netherend Farm to 35 Intended Street, Cradley. Both buried in St Peter's churchyard. Debbie Williamson
    HOMER Richard born Cradley 1769, spouse Hannah. Steph Robinson
    INGLEY Mira born 1818, christened Cradley Chapel. Married Benjamin BACHE in 1835. Annette
    JACKSON James David JACKSON came to Cradley from Harwich or Ipswich, Essex and set up shop as a bootmaker in the High Street. He and Maria and childen are in the 1851/61/71 censuses. James died in 1874 aged 51, buried in Cradley Churchyard. Son John (Harry) Jackson chr. 06/10/1867, went to the Old Swinford Bluecoat School, later married and lived in Aston, worked as a carter then a coal dealer, died 10/10/1935 aged 68, interred in a paupers grave in Yardley Cemetery, Birmingham. Daughter Rebecca married William Nock 01/02/1876, another son Paul was working as a servant bakers assistant in Aston on the 1881 census and married Alice Friend or Alice Kendrick later that year. Janet & Andrew Wood
    JONES Ferdinando JONES (1795-1882) married Susanna DARBY (1789 -1847) (both of Cradley). He was an Iron worker and their sons Ferdinando and Thomas moved to the Iron Works at Consett, Co Durham in the 1850s. Fiona Hall
    KILVERT I am looking for information about Emily KILVERT (nee PRATT), sister of my Great Grandfather. In a 1932 Directory she is listed as Tobacconists 132 High St & Cradley Road. That is the only address for her and I wonder where she is buried. She was aged 60 in 1932. Her husband Samuel Allan Kilvert was born in Rowley Regis c1875 and died in 1928. They had two daughters, Mary Irene and Edna Marjorie, who were 3 years old and 8 months old in the 1911 census. Edna married Basil G Hingley in Rowley Reggis in 1940 and they had children Phillip D and Alan P, born in Birmingham in 1941 and 1948. What happened to Emily and the rest of this family; where are they now? Colette Benson
    KNOWLES My Great Grandparents William Knowles (parents Caleb Knowles and Sarah Cox) born Cradley about 1876 Married Jane Hall (Parents Edwin Hall and Ann Everiss) born about 1874 Cradley. Married 24 July 1898 Halesowen Parish Church. Children William Knowles born about 1899, Miriam and James born about 1901, George born about 1907 and Fanny born about 1916. Kaye Woodward
    KNOWLES  My ggg grandmother was Mary Knowles who married William Worton, a Bayonet Forger, at Dudley St Thomas on 20 Feb 1820. Glen Billingham
    LEONARD James Leonard was my 2x great grandfather, a farmer at Two Lanes End, Cradley in the 1861 census. Wife Ann Folks (2nd wife), children Sarah, Thomas, Henry, Ann, Lousia, Samuel, William. James died in Cradley Forge 5th March 1874, 49 years old and a farmer. The 1871 census states that he farmed 40 acres and employed 2 men. Does anyone have any information? Alex Rosser
    MANSELL Charles born 1781 Cradley, wife Elizabeth Hazelwood born 1783 Old Swinford. Linda Lamberg
    MASON Jane born 1773 Cradley, father Benjamin born 1754 Cradley, Jane married Michael Reading. Linda Lamberg
    MOORE John MOORE married Ann Turner on 7th May 1854 at Oldswinford. He is stated on census as born Cradley, but there is no record of this. They are living at Backhouse, E. Cradley on the 1861 census, and in 1871 are in the High St., he is a carter. Children are Charles, Thomas, Clara, Alfred, Harry, John Henry, Harriet & Ann. By 1901 only Clara, now "Round" is still in Cradley at Two Gates. Sharon Wieckowski
    NICKLIN The Nicklin family lived at 54 New Street Cradley for many years and finally moved on when the place was demolished. There were two families named Nicklin in that area and several in Butchers Lane. John Nicklin (of Butchers Lane) was the father of Thomas who lived in New Street. I am interested in connecting and sharing my finds with relatives of this family. Pauline Taylor
    PEARSON Amos and Elizabeth had 6 children, among them John Henry (born 1875) who I believe may be my grandfather. He married Beatrice and had 2 children: Elizabeth Beatrice 1903 and John Evan 1906/7. Any information about these two and their children would be very welcome as they could be my half-cousins. I am fairly certain that John Henry Pearson fathered a child (my mother) in 1918 with his domestic servant Florence Emily Knibb. John was a pharmacist (probably with Boots in Buxton in the 1920's). I would love to contact any relatives. Davis
    PENRICE John PENRICE married Margaret HOWLS on 19th September 1757 at St. Lawrence's Church, Darlaston. Any further leads would be most welcome. Denise Dadson
    PERRY My great grandmother was a Mary PERRY born about 1871 in Old Hill. She married in Warrington in June 1897 to a George Edward Owen and then lived in Newton in Makerfield. Has anybody come across her in their family history? Maureen Johnson
    READING Michael born 1773 Cradley, father Moses 1730, wife Jane Mason 1775, second wife Susannah Perry 1773 Cradley. Lina Lamberg
    ROBINSON John born Cradley 1782, spouse Phoebe born Lye. Steph Robinson
    ROBINSON There were apparently unrelated Robinsons in Cradley. This family settled at Overend in the early 19th century though the next generation dispersed around the Midlands. .
    ROPER William born 1797 in Cradley married Ann Smith. Ann died in Colley Gate in 1864 and William died in Colley Gate in 1874. Nathaniel born 1838 in Colley Gate married Hannah Detheridge in 1856. Mary Ellen married Samuel Hadley, they had 3 children Hannah Maria, Samuel Nathaniel & Francis Lily (Twins). Mary Ellen died just after their birth. Sue Haylett
    ROYAL Thomas Royal (b1859) married Sarah Ann Brettell in 1881. They had eight children, all born in Colley Gate. Carol Moore
    RUDGE I am seeking information on my great grandfather Caleb RUDGE. He was born in 1884 in Cradley. His parents were named William Rudge and Tru-Ann Harris. His brothers and sisters names are: William. Josiah, John, Tru-Ann, Joshua, Phillip and Helen. I know they lived on Windmill Hill and my Great Great Grandmother (Tru-Ann) ran a chain making shop and later on a China shop on Drew's Holloway. Doug Rudge
    SHAW George Shaw b. Feb 6, 1856, Quarry Bank, father Alpheus Shaw. Susan
    SHAW Emma born 1 January 1866 at Netherton, Worcs., the youngest daughter of Daniel Shaw and Esther nee SPITTLE. This couple married on 16 May 1853 at St. Edmunds, Dudley. Daniel was a Coal Miner. For much of the second half of the C19th one of Daniel's brothers Herbert traded as a Greengrocer on the High St. Rowley Regis. Parents of Daniel, Herbert and their siblings were Herbert Shaw and Hannah HAMPTON who married at St Thomas' Dudley on 13 July 1812. John Bland
    SIDAWAY Maria born Cradley 1791, father Thomas born 1770 Rowley Regis, mother Hannah Dimmock born 1769 Rowley Regis. Linda Lamberg
    SIDAWAY Martha Sidaway buried 18 Jan 1933 in St Peter's along with Frederick and Rebecca DREW (buried 1945 and 1952 respectively). Debbie Williamson
    SPITTLE Esther b c 1834 at Netherton, Worcestershire was the eldest daughter of James Harrison Spittle and Mary JONES. This couple married on 1 July 1832 at Halesowen, Worcestershire. John Bland
    SOUDEN Or SOWDEN. Thomas and Hannah Souden known to have had four children: Thomas baptised 10 Jul 1791, Daniel baptised 16 Jun 1793, Hannah baptised 27 Sep 1795 and Phebe baptised 9 Junn 1799, all at Park Lane Presbyterian Chapel. Hannah Souden married John Hughes and they had daughter Matilda Hughes. Christine Judd
    SOUTHALL GEORGE born Cradley 1784, spouse Hannah born Rowley Regis. Steph Robinson
    SOUTHALL Elizabeth born 1838 in Cradley married Thomas Bate at St Peters in 1858. She died in Blue Ball Lane in 1918. William born 1799 in Cradley married Mary Gill. Married at Halesowen. Both died in Cradley. Sue Haylett
    STOKES William STOKES b 1841 Kingswinford married Hannah POUND. Children grew up/ married in Cradley: Thomas b 1868 married Agnes ROSE, William b 1870 married Louisa HOPKINS, Arthur b 1872 married Sarah GILL, Samuel b 1874 married Martha J BRADBURY, Wilfred b 1876 married Annie BARNSLEY, Ezekiel b 1876 married Annie Elizabeth WALKER, & Fred b 1878. Steph Robinson
    TANDY I am interested in anything anyone might know about Tom TANDY who was married to my great-aunt; Minnie (née Birch) who lived in Lawrence Lane, Old Hill and in Compton Road, Cradley Heath. Simon Hingley
    TAYLOR My grandmother was Sarah Ann Taylor born 1899 Cradley. Parents Walter Edwin Taylor and Phoebe Barber, both of Rowley Regis. Sue O'Connor
    TAYLOR Martha Matilda TAYLOR, born 1880 at Park Side, daughter of Joseph and Elizabeth (Pearson). She married Thomas Royal in 1911. Carol Moore
    TROMANS I am looking for living relatives of my mum Irene Reynolds' parents who lived in Fox Oak Street, Cradley Heath. They were Thomas W TROMANS (1905-1982) and Edith Tromans (née ATTWOOD) (1906-1991). Thomas' parents were William Tromans - b. 1882 - wife Annie BOOTH, and his father William Tromans and wife Elizabeth (née TIBBETTS). Edith's parents were Benjamin Attwood - born out of wedlock in 1870 to Phebe Attwood and Felix BEACH, and wife of Benjamin - Eliza Attwood (née NORTH). Lesley Reynolds
    VINCENT I am looking for information on the family of Alemady DAVIES born 1897 daughter of John Henry Davies. It is a very unusual name and I am hoping that it rings a bell with someone. She married Albert VINCENT in 1919 and I remember visiting them at Mogul Lane Netherend when I was a child. They both died in 1972. Mary born 1920 and John W born 1927 were two of their children. Rose Higgs
    WALKER  Edwin Taylor WALKER 1837-1920, chainmaker / manufacturer / employer, married Elizabeth CRAMPTON approx. 1858 and following her death married Emma May SNEESBY (1844-1911) in Jul 1895, buried St. Peters Church Cradley. Is there a significance to burial plot e.g. Section C 'special section'? Lived Light Green/Lyde Green, Cradley. His name is shown as Edward Walker on 1891 census (wid) and 1901 census (married to Emma May). Why did he change his christian name during this time? Also Alfred WALKER (1870-1940) married Alice PARKES (1872), lived Lyde Green. Did Alfred help make Titanic anchor chain? Roseann Ditchfield
    WALLACE My great grandfather was Victor WALLACE born in 1888, who had 5 sisters: Lillian, Elsie, Vera, Marian and Doris. Their parents were Albert and Amelia Wallace. Albert's siblings were William, Benjamin, Alice, Miriam, Arthur, Annie, Clayton, Ada, Frederick, Lenora and Walter, all born between 1854 to 1879. Their parents were William and Victoria. William's parents were James and Susannah. I am trying to find further details on James's parents, William and Lydia née Bennett who married at Saint Thomas Dudley on 28 January 1778. Ann Beaumaris
    WARD Arthur WARD (1876 - 1948) who married Rosina DREW (1875 - 1963) lived at 15 Netherend Farm, Cradley. Buried St Peter's churchyard. Debbie Williamson
    WARR Jane WARR baptised 16 December 1798 at Tardibigge, married Ingley EDMONDS at Rowley Regis on 19 October 1817, later lived in Cradley (1841 and 1851 censuses). Alfred Edmonds of this family is named on the Cradley War Memorial (died in First World War), and his brother John Antipas Edmonds received the Military Medal and Cross of Karageorge. Jay Bishop
    WILLETTS I am researching William Willetts b. 1804 Park Lane Presbyterian Church Cradley to parents William and Sarah. I believe he married Mary Tandy at Long Ashton Parish, Bristol 1836. They immigrated to New Zealand in 1843 with two sons, another born on the boat. I am having trouble locating the family of either William or Sarah [Unknown] and also Mary Tandy. Would appreciate any help. Sandra Deverell
    WILLIAMS I am researching my WILLIAMS ancestors who were born and lived in Cradley, particularly Hayseech. My great grandfather was Samuel b. abt 1857. His parents, John b. abt 1833 & Sarah (HADDOCK) b. abt 1834, and John’s parents, John b. abt 1797 & Phoebe (WHITEHOUSE) b. abt 1798. They are shown on each Census from 1841 to 1881 as living in Hayseech. Sara-Jane Mansfield
    WINNALL Abigail married Samuel Roper both born in Cradley. Had daughter Mariah/Sarah in 1860. Sue Haylett
    WOODHOUSE John W WOODHOUSE, b 1812, d 1892, married Hannah PRIEST, b ?, d 1890. Had a son-William, b 1840, d 1906 in the USA. Looking for today's relations that can fill me in on the details of life in the Midlands during the Industrial Revolution. William emigrated to the USA around the 1880's, along with other relatives. Understand this family lived on High Street., Cradley Heath. Looking for any and all information on these relatives. Kathy Edwards
    WORTON William born Cradley 1794, spouse Mary. Steph Robinson
    WORTON My ggg grandfather was William Worton who married Mary Knowles at Dudley St Thomas on 20 Feb 1820 William lived in Hightown Cradley and he was a Bayonet Forger. Glen Billingham
    YARDLEY Ann born Lye Waste 1828, father Elijah born 1808 Lye Waste. Ann married John Worton born 1827 Linda Lamberg
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