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    Steve Bloomer - The Destroying Angel by Paul & David Mortimer

    Paul and David Mortimer of RamsTrust, the Derby County Supporters Trust have penned this poem about Cradley-born footballer Steve Bloomer who played for Derby County and England. He has been called England's First Football Hero, King of Goal Scorers and The Destroying Angel.

    We pay homage to one of Cradley's most famous sons, the legendary footballer, on the old Cradley Links web site in the section Cradley People Remembered.

    Paul and David work tirelessly for the Trust and for remembering the life and achievements of Steve Bloomer. They maintain close ties with Cradley and the Cradley Then & Now Group and have dedicated this poem to Cradley Day 2010.

    RamsTrust's goal is to widen and deepen supporter ownership, representation and influence at Derby County. The Trust works with its members, Derby County executives and Board and other Derby County supporter groups to help strengthen the club's ties with the community and build the club into a world class sporting institution.

    Steve Bloomer, Cradley-born footballer - The Destroying Angel

    Derby fans joined up with the Cradley group,

    when they were all of a holler and all of a whoop.

    Raising a fund for a tribute so grand

    for mighty Steve Bloomer, best player in the land.

    A boy born yonder, close by in Bridge Street

    and no striker in England did match his feat.

    Black Country blood ran through his veins,

    to this very day, the Bloomer legend remains.

    70 years and more since he has passed

    yet his goal scoring record is never outclassed.

    Low on the floor or high in the air

    Steve Bloomer knew how to put it there.

    The lash of his boot or nod of his head

    and another goalkeeper was left for dead.

    No team cound halt his goal scoring bounty

    the 'destroying angel' of Derby County.

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