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    St. Peter's Church New Clock & Weathervane

    Saint Peters Clock

    The 'Pepperpot' with it's original weathervane

    The tower at Saint Peters Church was built in 1875 which was added to the original building that was built in 1789 and was designed by the Bromsgrove architect, John Cotton. The tower had a space designed for a clock but due to lack of funds, a clock was never added.

    In 2016 St Luke’s Church in Cradley Heath was demolished but the clock face that adorned its tower was saved and was removed in November. Then on the 22nd October 2019 the dial then travelled to Dacre in the Lake District where it was restored and gilded by the Cumbria Clock Company.

    In April 2021 the clock was installed into the tower of St Peter’s. The church raised £15,000 to restore and install the clock.

    Saint Peter’s New Cockerel Weathervane

    In 1875 when the tower at St Peters was built (locally known as the Pepper Pot), a weathervane was placed at the top and was a well know landmark to all that lived in Cradley. Over time the tower subsided and in 1933 the short spire was removed to reduce stress on the structure.

    Now nearly 90 years on, a new weathervane has been commissioned and on 25th July 2022 was installed as the new focal point of the church.

    The five metre high weathervane has a gold leaf cockerel, which spins in the direction of the wind. It was designed and made by Luke Perry of Industrial Heritage Stronghold and the Ironmongers Company in London provided a grant of £5,000.00 and a local couple who gave £200.00.

    Rachel Cox 2022

    Click below to download a PDF of the full story of the clock including multiple images of it before, during and after installation. File:Stpeterscradley org clock just a minute.pdf

    Click below to download a PDF of the clock restoration project. File:The Restoration of the clock PDF.pdf

    The files above were taken from the defunct St Peter's Church website.

    St. Peter's Church Clock
    St Peter's New Weathervane (c.2022)
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