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    Cradley Links

    This transcription contains only references to the Cradley area. If you wish to view the full version with Halesowen included please CLICK HERE to view the original documents.

    Nobility Gentry and Clergy

    Cochrane Rev. William Netherend

    Mason Mr. Samuel, Netherend

    Simons Rev. Charles Walker, Windmill hill

    Swindon Mr. James Evers (magistrate), Cradley

    Academies and Schools

    FREESCHOOL,Netherend-Thomas Billingham, master; Mary Ann Billingham, mistress

    NATIONAL SCHOOL, Cradley-John Morton Rigg, master; Ellen Chamberlain, mistress

    Westwood Joseph, Netherend

    Anvil & Vice Manufactrs

    Camm Thomas, Cradley

    Hingley & Sons, Cradley


    Evers Alfred, Cradley Forge

    Mole Fanny, collygate

    Boot and Shoe Markers

    Christopher William, Cradley

    Hawkswood, Richard collygate

    Horner Joseph, collygate

    Brick & Tile Makers

    King Joseph, Netherend

    Warr Lucy, Cradley


    Brettell John, Cradley

    Brettell Samuel, Cradley


    Attwood James, Netherend

    Attwood William, Cradley

    Gill Daniel, Cradley

    Jones Thomas, Cradley

    Tandy David, collygate

    Carpenters & Joiners

    Adams Henry, Cradley

    Bloomer John, Cradley

    Chemists & Druggists

    Bishop Thomas Noxon, Cradley

    Coal Masters

    King Joseph, Netherend Colliery

    File & Rasp makers

    Bissel Joseph, Netherend

    Buffrey John, Cradley

    Fire &c. Office Agents

    BIRMIGHAM DISTRICT (fire), Absalom Cox Homer, Collygate


    Beache Noah, Cradley

    Fiddian Richard, collygate

    Horner Thomas, Cradley

    Wallis James, collygate

    Grocers and Dealers in Sundries

    Bishop Thomas Noxon, Cradley

    Bloomer Samuel, Cradley

    Cemm Thomas, Cradley

    Clewes Thomas Matthew, collygate

    Forrest Edward, Windmill hill

    Gill Daniel, Cradley

    Grove John Hade, collygate

    Hawkswood Joseph, Cradley

    Hemming Thomas, Cradley

    Hill Mary Maria, Netherend

    Leonard Samuel, Cradley Forge

    Nock John, Cradley

    Smith Samuel, Cradley

    Tibbets Joseph, collygate

    Wythes Joseph, Cradley

    Gun Barrel Manufacturers

    Burr John, Hayseech Mills

    Hair Dressers

    Copley Joseph, Cradley

    Pearshouse Joseph, Netherend

    Iron Manufacturers

    Evers Samuel & Sons (rolled and slit charcoal, iron, horsenail rods, wire rods, cable, bars, &c.), Cradley Iron Works

    Linen & Woollen Drapers

    Wythes Joseph, Cradley


    Fellows Noah, Cradley

    Fellows Joseph, Cradley

    Jones William, Netherend

    Laister Thomas, collygate

    Laister William, Netherend

    Tibbetts Joseph, collygate


    Fellows Joseph, Cradley

    Milliners & Dressmakers

    Hickman Mary, Cradley

    Sneath Eliza, Cradley

    Nail and Chain Makers

    Bloomer Thomas & Son, Collygate

    Hawkswood Joseph, Cradley

    Hingley N. & Sons, Cradley

    Rock William & Co. (and cables, Bromsgrove nails and traces), Cradley, near Stourbridge, and at 143 Great Charles st, Birmingham

    Stephens John, Netherend

    Painters, Plumbers and Glaziers

    Haddock John, Netherend

    Wyer Samuel Edmund, Cradley


    Yeomans William, Collygate


    Bishop John, Cradley

    Taverns & Public Houses

    Black Swan, Mary Hingley, Cradley

    Bridge, Thomas Cemm, Cradley

    Fish, Joseph Jones, Cradley

    Hollybush, Isaiah Hughes, Cradley

    Maypole, Samuel Leonard, Cradley Forge

    Netherened Tavern, Eliza Williams, Netherened

    Sun William Herberrt Hawkeswood, Cradley

    Retailers of Beer

    Beasley John, Cradley

    Bennett William, Two gates

    Bloomer Josiah, Cradley

    Dayus William, Windmill hill

    Fellows Thomas, Netherend

    Grace Elizabeth, Cradley

    Grove Eli, Cradley forge

    Hawkswood Joseph, Cradley

    Mole Fanny, collygate

    Norbury John, Netherend

    Oliver William, collygate

    Parkes Sarah, High st

    Roper William, collygate

    Talbott Thomas, Cradley forge

    Tibbetts Joseph, collygate

    Walker Daniel, Cradley

    Wheale William, Cradley

    Wyer Samuel, Edmund, Cradley


    Evers Henry, Cradley forge


    Brettell John, stone mason, Netherend

    Brettell John, farrier, Cradley

    Clews Thomas Matthew, woollen mop manufacturer, Cradley

    Hodgetts Charles Ruby, hat manunufacturer, wool comber & woollen yarn spinner, Cradley

    Millward John, spade plater, Bell vale forge

    Places of Worship and their Ministers

    BAPTIST CHAPEL, Cradley-Rev.-Sneath


    UNITARIAN CHAPEL, Netherend- Rev. William Cochrane

    Conveyance by Railway


    The nearest Station is a Stourbidge.


    To BIRMINGHAM, Simeon Wooldridge, from his house, Cradley and Nathan Smith, from the Bull’s Head, every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

    Conveyance by water

    To and from BIRMINGHAM, DUDLEY, WORCESTER, TIPTON, STOURBRIDGE and STAFFORD. Boats pass daily, and forward goods to all parts-Thomas Brewen, clerk, Birmingham Canal Co.’s wharf, the hill.

    Transcribed and edited by Stephen Cox 2022

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