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    Cradley Links

    W.E. Owen & Co.'s Directory of Worcestershire (1880) contains 180 entries for Cradley.

    Cradley is a chapelry in the parish of Halesowen, in the lower part of the hundred of Halfshire, 2½ miles from Dudley and 2 from Stourbridge. It is pleasantly situated on the river Stour near the Dudley canal. The inhabitants are principally engaged in the extensive ironworks in the neighbourhood. The living is a vicarage, value £300 per annum: patron, the Vicar of Halesowen. The Rev. J. B. Thompson, B.A., is the vicar, and the Rev. John Butcher is the curate. The population in 1871 was 4700. Letters via Brierley Hill, which is the nearest money order post office. Letters arrive at 7.25 a.m. and 2.30 p.m. Dispatched at 8.30 a.m. and 6.30 p.m.

    Clergy and Gentry.

    Attwood Thomas, Esq, Colley gate

    Barnett Miss, Fair View lodge

    Brougall Jas. Hill house

    Cochrane Rev. Walter (Unitarian) Netherend

    Dakin Mr George Frederick

    Forrest Mr Joshua, Poplar cottage

    Griffin Mr Wm, Windmill hill

    Hingley Josh, Esq, Linton House

    Hingley Mr. Samuel

    Homer Josh, Esq. Chapel house

    Homer Thomas, Esq, Colley gate

    Homfray Mr. Jeston, Coleman hill

    Kendrick Mr William, West end

    Lloyd Mr. Thomas, Hemmings

    Mountford John, Esq, Colley Gate house

    Mountford Richd, Esq, Highfield house

    Smith William Robinson, Esq.

    Strawson William Pearson, Esq, The Elms

    Thompson Rev Josh. Hesselgrave, B.A. (Vicar), The Vicarage

    Tibbetts Mrs, Colley gate


    Adams Jabez, Bull's Head

    Adams William, chain maker

    Attwood Eliza, beer retailer

    Attwood William, butcher

    Bayliss George, Bridge Inn

    Beasley Allen, chain maker

    Beasley Samuel, beer retailer

    Bird, Mary Ann, haberdasher

    Bloomer Geo, draper, Colley gate

    Bloomer Isaac, builder

    Bloomer John, grocer

    Bloomer Mary, pawnbroker

    Bloomer Philip, chain maker

    Bloxley Peter, chain maker

    Blunt Felix, shopkeeper

    Blunt Thomas, chain maker

    Brettell Edward, grocer

    Bridgwater John, grocer, and agent for W. and A. Gilbey, wine & spirit merchants

    Brooks David, Black Swan Inn

    Clewes T. M. & Son, woollen manufacturers & merchants, The Park

    Clift Henry, bootmaker

    Coley Christopher, shopkeeper

    Cox Thomas, beer retailer

    Cradley Colliery Company , King & Co. proprietors

    Crompton Henry, nail maker

    Darby Joseph, tailor

    Evers Samuel & Sons, manufacturers of charcoal rods, best and common nail rods, fencing rods and bars, small, square and round; also importers of Swedish rods, Cradley iron works

    Fellows Thomas, beer retailer, Netherend

    Finch Simeon, Old Two Gates

    Forrest Brothers & Co, manufacturers of horse nails and wrought nails, chain cables, anchor, crane and ships' rigging chains, spades, shovels and forks, anvils, vices, and cart hames, &c, at Kilver Edge; mills, near Stourbridge and Halesowen

    Forrest Richard, beer retailer

    Gadd Joseph, greengrocer

    Griffin Wm, Anchor manufacturer

    Harper David, shopkeeper

    Harper Richard, beer retailer

    Hawkeswood Benjamin, Sun

    Hawkeswood William, farmer

    Hawkeswood James, butcher

    Hill Albion, nail maker

    Hill Christopher, shopkeeper

    Hill Daniel, butcher

    Hill John, boot maker

    Hingley Benjamin, grocer

    Hingley James, beer retailer

    Hingley James, butcher & farmer

    Hipkiss Henry, iron manufacturer

    Homer Hill Colliery Co, Limited ; Ebenezer Wenham, secretary

    Homer Paul, manufacturer of paint, colour, &c., lamp and oil warehouse, and general dealer, High street

    Homer Henry, greengrocer

    Hughes Harry, grocer

    Hughes Isaiah, Holly Bush

    Hughes Samuel, maltster

    Jones and Lloyd, manufacturers of chain cables

    Jones Isaac, painter, Windmill hill

    Jones Samuel, beer retailer

    Lane James, ironfounder, Cradley heath

    Leonard Eliza, farmer

    Leonard Samuel, May Pole

    Mason Charles, farmer

    Mole Jane, beer retailer

    Mole William Henry, blacksmith

    Mountford, Homer, & Mountford, iron merchants and manufacturers of wroughtnails, crane and ships' rigging chains, spades & shovels, vices, &c. Cradley works

    Oliver William, Talbot Commercial Hotel, and maltster

    Oliver William & Sons, maltsters and hop merchants, Colley gate

    Parkes Wm, shopkeeper, Colley la

    Partridge Geo, chain manfr. High park

    Pateshill John, tanner, Park side

    Pearson Ambrose, dairyman

    Pearson Amos, linen draper

    Perry James, grocer

    Priest James, nail maker

    Priest John, smith

    Roper Emanuel, White Lion Inn

    Sidaway William, shopkeeper

    Southam George, nail maker

    South Staffordshire Waterworks Company ; offices, Birmingham

    Spencer Edward Wm, shopkeeper

    Stevens John, grocer, Netherend

    Tandey David, butcher, Colley gate

    Tate James, shopkeeper

    Tate William, beer retailer

    Taylor George, boot maker

    Thompson Wesley Hayes, surgeon

    Tibbets Elizabeth, Shovel Inn

    Turner Richard, nail maker

    Walker David, nail maker

    Willetts Zachariah, coal dealer

    Worten Charles, nail maker

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