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    Cradley Links

    Kelly's 1928 directory has 275 entries for Cradley

    CRADLEY is a parish and extensive and populous district on the borders of Staffordshire, the river Stour separating it from Cradley Heath in that county; it has a station on the Birmingham and Stourbridge section of the Great Western railway, 2 1/2 miles east from Stourbridge, 4 south from Dudley and 9 1/2 southwest from Birmingham, in the Stourbridge division of the county, hundred of Lower Halfshire, Stourbridge petty sessional division, union and county court district, rural deanery and archdeaconry of Dudley and diocese of Worcester. The town itself lies a little off the main road and forms part of a populous mercantile and manufacturing neighbourhood, in which the iron trade is carried on in all its branches ; water is supplied by the South Staffordshire Waterworks Company and gas by the Cradley Heath Gas Company. The ecclesiastical parish was formed in 1799 from the civil parish of Halesowen. The church of St. Peter, erected in 1789 and until its consecration in 1798 a chapel belonging to Lady Huntingdon's Connexion, is an edifice of brick, repaired in 1874-5 at a cost of about £4,500, and consists of chancel, nave, east porch and a brick tower added in 1876 and containing 8 bells, shown in the Vienna exhibition of 1873: a new font was provided in 1867 and an organ built at a cost of £400: there are 750 sittings, all free. The register of baptisms and burials dates from 1785 ; marriages, 1802. The living is a vicarage, net yearly value £450, in the gift of the rector of Halesowen, and held since 1923 by the Rev. William Sterry-Cooper M.A., L.Th. of Hatfield Hall, Durham and Lichfield Theological College, and hon C F. The great tithes are held by the lay impropriator, Alfred Homfray esq. A vicarage house was built in 1899 by the parishioners, at a cost of £2.550. In 1852 a grant of land was made by the sons of the late Rev. George Biggs (a former rector of Halesowen) for the enlargement of the burial grounds of this parish; a second enlargement of one acre was made in 1874 and a third enlargement of two acres in 1922. Here is a Unitarian chapel, built in 1786 ; the Baptist chapel, built in 1789, and rebuilt in 1907 from designs by Mr. A. T. Butler, architect, of Cradley Heath, at a cost of about £3,000, is an edifice of brick and terra cotta in the Renaissance stele, and will seat 450 persons; the Wesleyan Methodist chapel was erected in 1893, the Primitive Methodist in 1882, and the United Methodist chapel in 1856. Messrs. Harper and Moores Ltd. Messrs. King Brothers (Stourbridge) Ltd. and Messrs. Samuel Evers and Sons are manufacturers of fire bricks, clay retorts and crucibles, and proprietors of the Stourbridge clay. One mile from the northern extremity of Cradley, in a romantic, richly-timbered vale, is a spring of salt water, called the "Lady Well," highly esteemed on account of its medicinal qualities; in the summer it is very much frequented. Viscount Cobham (lord-lieut.) is lord of the manor. The principal landowners are the Old Swinford Hospital, Messrs. King Brothers (Stourbridge) Limited, Harper and Moores Limited, Samuel Evers and Sons Limited and Mobberley and Perry Limited, of the Lye. The soil in general is a rich loam, and is noted for the cultivation of cabbage plants; it also produces potatoes and all kinds of grain, and forms excellent pasturage; and the land on the north and west of Netherend (a part of the township of Cradley) abound with thick coil and fire-clay. The area is 818 acres, including 6 of water; the population in 1921 was 7,600.

    Netherend, Colley Gate, Overend, Two Gates and Colman Hill are near the town.

    Parish Clerk, Charles Worton, Beecher road.

    Town Sub-Post M. 0. & Telephone Call Office (telegrams dispatched but not delivered). Letters from Cradley Heath, Staffs

    Town Sub-Post & M. 0. Office, Windmill Hill. Letters from Cradley Heath, Staffs. Nearest T. office, Cradley

    Police Station, 32 Colley lane


    Collector of Rates, Edwin Bird, Cradley lane

    Customs & Excise Officers, A. Howard Ridley, Sydney road, Cradley Heath & S. C. Dundas, 1 Valley rd. Lye

    Medical Officer & Public Vaccinator, Cradley District, Stourbridge Union, Charles John Lewis M.D., Ch.B. Birm., M.R.C.S. Eng., M.R.C.P. Lond. Colley Gate

    Registrar of Births & Deaths. Halesowen Sub-district, Alfred Hill, 36 High street


    St. Peter's Church, Rev. William Sterry-Cooper M.A., L.Th. & hon. C.F. vicar; Rev. John Vernon Ward Ward-Booth, curate

    St. Catherine's Mission Room, Beecher street

    Mission of the Good Shepherd, Lyde Green

    Baptist, High street, Rev. David John Perrott B.A

    Primitive Methodist

    Mission Room, Banner street (undenuminational) ; various services

    United Methodist, Colley Gate (Stourbridge Circuit), Rev. Walter Cocks (supt)

    Unitarian, Netherend, Rev. John Yeomans

    Wesleyan Methodist, High street, Rev. David Jn. Bowen

    Railway Station.- Cradley Heath & Cradley (G.W. Rly)

    Carriers to Birmingham.- George Lloyd, Cradley Heath, & G. Green & Son, pass through on tues. thurs. & sat

    (For other names in the district, see Stourbridge; also Cradley Heath & Rowley Regis, Staffs.)


    (For T N's see general list of Private Residents at end of book.)

    Attwood William, 8 Drew's Holloway

    Bird Edwin, 40 Colley lane

    Bowen Rev. David John (Wesleyan Methodist), The Manse, Lyde green

    Bullas Hugh, Coleman hill

    Chapman Wm. 7 Drew's Holloway

    Clare William, 108 Furlong lane

    Clewes Mrs. The Park

    Cox James, 104 Colley Gate

    Dakin Charles, Hatherton lodge, Drew's Holloway

    Dakin Charles F. 118 Colley Gate

    Fellows Vernon, The Grange, Colley

    Fox Miss, The Elms, Colley lane

    Garratt H. Ernest, Colman Hill house, Drew's Holloway

    Green Richard, Colley Gate house, Colley Gate

    Grice Hy. The Bungalow, Colman hill

    Hickman Arthur S. 116 Colley Gate

    Hickman Joseph, 9 Drew's Holloway

    Hipkiss Frank, 111 Colley Gate

    Holden Walter, Hilldene house, Drew's Holloway

    Homer Ezra H. Clent ho. Colley Gate

    Homer Mrs. Drew's Holloway

    Hughes Mrs. Cleveland vil. Church rd

    Lawrence Rev. George B.A. 52 Furlong lane

    Lee William, Linton house, Drew's Holloway

    Lewis Charles John, Colley gate gate

    Moore Howard, Park house

    Perrott Rev. David John BA. (Baptist), Banner lane

    Reece Mrs. 13 Drew's Holloway

    Ryland George, 4 Drew's Holloway

    Simon Win. Hy. 1 Drew's Holloway

    Smith George, The Red house, Colley orchard

    Southall Walter B. Colman hill

    Sterry-Cooper Rev. William M.A., L.Th., hon. C.F. (vicar), Vicarage, Colley gate

    Ward-Booth Rev. John Vernon Ward (curate), Colley gate

    Willetts Charles, jun. 6 Drew's Holloway

    Willetts Harold, Drew's Holloway

    Woodhouse Caleb, 11 Drew's Holloway

    Yeomans Rev. John (Unitarian), Netherend parsonage


    Early closing day, Thursday.

    Abbis Charlotte (Mrs.), shopkpr. Overend

    Abbiss Sidney Tector, decrtr. Overend

    Adams Arthur, boot maker, 50 Colley gate

    Adams Charles, chain maker, 30 Windmill hill

    Adams James, draper, 6 Furlong lane

    Adams James A. grocer, 38 Furlong lane

    Adams Walter E. joiner, Talbot street

    Attwood Jn. shopkpr. 21 Park la

    Auden Harry, grocer, 27 Two gates

    Barclays Bank Ltd. (branch) (11 to 2, tues. & fri.), 21 High st. (T N 391) ; head office, 54 Lombard st. London E C 3

    Barnsley Esther (Mrs.). shopkeeper, 46 Ladysmith road

    Bate Elizabeth (Miss), shopkeeper, 34 High street

    Bate George, shopkeeper, 68 High street

    Bate Samuel, chain maker, New street

    Bate William Edward, greengrocer, 16 Banner street

    Beasley Alfred, tailor, 25 Colley gate

    Beasley Ellen (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 35 Colley gate

    Beasley Jesse, farmer, 36 Windmill hill

    Beasley Mary Ann (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 30 Ladysmith rd

    Beddard Daniel, chain maker, 15 Forge Draft street

    Beddard Raymond, printer, Colley gate

    Bennett Mrs. Ann, beer retailer, 88 Two gates

    Billingham John, shopkeeper, 64 Two gates

    Billingham Thomas Wilson, grocer, 31 Alma street

    Bills Alfred, shopkeeper, 7 Cradley lane

    Bills Clara (Mrs.), wardrobe dealer, 14 High street

    Bird Annie (Miss), shopkpr. 126 Colley gate

    Bird Edwin, rate collector, Cradley la

    Blackwell Brothers. shipping tackle manufacturers, Colley orchard. T N 171

    Bloomer John & Sons. millers (steam), Bridge street T N Cradley Heath 194

    Bloomer Joseph & Sons, chain manufacturers, Ladysmith road. T N 105

    Bloomer John, chain maker, 5 Mill street

    Bloomer Joseph Fellows, builder, Beecher road

    Bloomer Philip, chain maker, 19 Beecher street

    Blunt W. C. & F. A. grocers, 19 Bridge st

    Boxley Florence (Mrs.), shopkpr. 78 Colley gate

    Boxley Fred, Rose & Crown P.H. High street

    Brettell M. (Mrs.), corsetiere, 76 Windmill hill

    Buttery Saml. Gate P.H. Colley gate

    Chambers Thomas Henry, news agent, 56 High street

    Christopher Alice (Miss), tobccnst. & post off. 36 High st

    Clewes T. M. & Son, wool dealers, Park mills, Colley Gate. T N 118

    Clewitt M. E. (Mrs.), fancy draper, 9 Talbot st

    Clift Harry, chain maker, New street

    Clift Samuel, insurance agent, 2 Talbot street

    Cooper Caleb, news agent, Overend

    Cope Ossian, boot repairer, Colley gate

    Cotterill Albt. Edwd. Holly Bush P.H. 50 High st

    County Police Station, 32 Colley gate

    Cox George William, seed merchant, 39 Colley gate

    Cox Harry Vernon, Round of Beef P.H. 33 Colley gate

    Cox Jsph. H. bldr. 26 Colley gate

    Cradley Chain Manufacturing Co. chain makers, Mill street. T N 284

    Cradley Conservative & Unionist Club (Jn. Edmunds, sec.), Colley gate

    Cradley Labour Club (Jas. Willetts, sec.), Colley Gate

    Cradley Liberal Club (Edgar Dunn, sec.), 3 Colley lane

    Crampton Henry, shopkeeper, 24 Lyde green

    Crampton Thomas, shopkeeper, 115 Two gates

    Davis Emma (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 17 Butcher's lane

    Davis George, shopkeeper, Windmill hill

    Dentith Jas. & Sons, bakers, 72 High st

    Dunn W. & J. grocers, 1 Windmill hill

    Dunn Hezekiah, beer retailer, 70 High street

    Dunn Mrs. haberdasher, 76 & 78 High st

    Edge Thos. Old Two Gates P.H. 50 Windmill hill

    Edwards William, chain maker, Little hill

    Ellwell William, shopkeeper, 54 New street

    Errington Bertram Ewart, draper, 112 Colley gate

    Evers Samuel & Sons, fire brick manufacturers, Homer Hill (T A "Evers;" T N 127) (postal address. Stourbridge, Staffs)

    Farmer Lucy (Miss), milliner, 128 Colley gate

    Flavell George, hair dresser, High street

    Fox Mary (Miss), certified midwife, 32 Spring hill

    Fradgley Harry, hair dresser, 96 Overend

    Gauden Saml. painter, 102 Colley gate. T N 396

    Genner Jn. farmer, Netherend

    Genner Jn. fishmngr. 20 High st. T N 392

    Gill Alfred, furniture dealer, 21 High street

    Gill E. M. (Miss), insnr. agt. Lyde grn

    Golden George, chain maker, Butcher's lane

    Goodwin Samuel, fishmonger, 60 Maple Tree lane

    Greaves David. butcher, 63 Colley gate

    Green Harry, odd work manufacturer, Banner street

    Griffiths Frank, British Arms P.H. 20 Furlong lane

    Grove N. & A. cycle agts. 113 Furlong la

    Halesowen & Hasbury Industrial Co-operative Society, Windmill hill. T N 78

    Hall Wm. Fish inn, 46 High st

    Harbach Joseph, boot dealer, 11 Butcher's lane

    Harper & Moores Ltd. fire brick mkrs. Netherend (postal address, Stourbridge). T A "Moores, Lye;" T N 23 Lye

    Harris Andrew, chain maker, Victoria street

    Harris Emily (Mrs.), drug stores, 25 High street

    Harris William, butcher, 3 High street

    Hawkeswood William, coal dealer, Maple Tree lane

    Head Emma (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 46 High town

    Head Frank, confectioner, 8 Beecher road

    Head Frank, confectioner, 39 High street

    Head Samuel, boot repairer, Overend

    Hemming Harry, grocer, 80 Overend

    Herrin Henry Jabez, Horse & Jockey P.H. 19 Netherend

    Hickman Arthur, news agent, 116 Colley gate

    Hill Alfred, registrar of births & deaths for Halesowen sub-district, 36 High street

    Hingley Thos. fried fish dlr. 9 Bridge st

    Hipkiss Hy. & Co. iron forgers, Lodge forge, New st

    Hodgetts Ernest, butcher, Furlong la

    Hodgetts Hezekiah, shopkeeper, 37 Maple Tree lane

    Hodgetts Jsph. butcher, 2 High St

    Hodgetts Walt. grocer, 74 Colley la

    Holden Walter, baker, 105 Colley gate

    Holloway Eric, bldrs.' mer. & post office, 24 & 26 Colley gate. T N 115

    Homer Paul & Son, iromnongers, 1 High street

    Homer Annie (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 86 High street

    Homer Samuel, grocer, 25 Netherend

    Ideal Benefit Society (P. Case, supt.); district office, 5 Talbot st

    Jeavons Frederick, shopkeeper, 15 Beecher street

    Jewiss Alfred, boot & shoe maker. 48 High street

    Jewiss Alfred, jun. boot maker, 95 Colley gate

    Johnson Benjamin, boot repairer, High town

    Johnson Bert, boot repairer, 8 High Street

    Johnson Soloman, shopkeeper, 15 Cradley forge

    Jones & Lloyd Limited, anchor manufacturers, Scotia works (T N 33) & Cradley forge

    King Brothers (Stourbridge) Ltd. fire brick manufacturers, Netherend. T N Lye 17. See Advt. Index

    Kirton Thomas, chain maker, 26 Beecher road

    Kirton William, jun. upholsterer, 28 Windmill hill

    Knowles James, fried fish dealer, 88 Colley gate

    Knowles John, greengrocer, 64 Colley gate

    Knowles Joseph, draper, 9 Windmill hill

    Lander Cyril, greengro. 27 Furlong la

    Lavender Annie (Mrs.), confectioner, 124 Colley gate

    Leah John William, fried fish dealer, 41 High street

    Lewis Chas. Jn. M.D., Ch.B. Birm., M.R.C.S. Eng., M.R.C.P. Lond. physcn. & surgn. medical officer & public vaccinator Cradley district, Stourbridge union, Colley gate. T N 340

    Littlewood Jane (Mrs.), coal dealer, Park road

    Lloyde Eliz. (Mrs.), draper Furlong la

    Lloyds Bank Ltd. (branch) (hours, 11 to 2 tues. & fri.), 38 High st. ; head office, 42 & 44 Gracechurch st. London E C 3

    Major Arthur, shopkeeper, 140 Colley gate

    Male William, chain maker, Overend

    Mapp Charles, carpenter, Colley Orchard

    Mason Brothers, chain manufacturers, Mill st. T N 6o

    Meacham Arthur, baker, Park road, Colley Gate

    Meredith & Hingley, builders, Spring street

    Meredith Joseph A. builder, Furlong lane

    Midland Bank Ltd. (branch) (John A. James, manager) (hours 11 to 2 tues. & fri.), Colley gate; head office, 3 Threadneedle street E C 2

    Millward Bertram, hardware dealer, 47 High street

    Millward George, pork butcher, 82 Colley gate

    Moore M. (Mrs.), shopkpr. Banners la

    Neath Thomas Henry, beer retailer, Park lane

    Newby Florence E. (Miss), draper, 37 Colley gate

    Newey Wm. shopkpr. 33 Two gates

    Nicholls Wm. insur. agt. 19 Talbot st

    Oakley Bros. iron founders, Bell Vale foundry, Overend. T N 123

    Oliver W. & Son (of Cradley) Ltd. maltsters, Colley lane. T N 100

    Oliver Eliza (Mrs.), beer retailer, Park road

    Oliver John, carpenter, Colley Gate

    Oliver Walt. carpntr. Windmill hill

    Palmer William, beer retailer, 19 Overend

    Parkes Frank, shopkpr. 18 Lyde grn

    Payton Thomas, pattern maker, Highfield road

    Phillips Wm. Arth. grocer, 121 Park rd

    Piper Fred, Old Mogul P.H. Netherend

    Plant William, fishmonger, 54 High street

    Porter Jn. H. Talbot hotel, Colley gate

    Priest Joseph R. Crown P.H. 88 Lyde green

    Proffitt Isabel (Mrs.), beer retlr. 2 High town

    Raybould Harold, boot dealer, 16 High street

    Reece Henry, chain manufr. Maple Tree lane, TN 154

    Reece William, chain maker, 17 Forge Draft street

    Reynolds Annie (Mrs.), certified midwife, 32 Spring la

    Robins Jas. H. shopkpr, 94 Overend

    Robins Geo. Bull's Head P.H. Overend

    Robinson Bros. electricians, Colley la

    Robinson & Co. undertakers, Oyerend

    Robinson Alice (Mrs.), Black Swan P.H. 80 High st

    Robinson Evan, shopkpr. 37 Colley la

    Robinson Howard, painter, 7 High street

    Robinson John, carpenter, 18 High street

    Robinson Joseph, chain maker, Mill street

    Robinson Stephen, hoot repairer, 7a, High street

    Rock Joseph S. & Sons, oddwork makers, Beecher road. T N 145

    Rockett Frederick, upholsterer, 23 Colley orchard

    Roper Caleb, farmer, Colley Gate

    Roper Hubert, greengrocer. 107 Colley gate

    Rudge Alfred, builder, 21 Windmill hill

    Sanders William, beer retailer, 29 Lyde green

    Scott-Homer Harry, gas engine manufactr. Alma street

    Sheet Iron Workers Ltd. galvanizers, Mill st. T N 13

    Shropshire, Worcester & Staffordshire Electric Power Co. (sub-station), Colley gate

    Sidaway Albert, butcher, 31 Colley gate

    Smith E. (Mrs.), shopkpr. 11 Bridge st

    Smith Geo. beer retlr. 1 Stocking st. Two Gates

    Smith James, blank bolt maker, Banner street

    Smith John W. grocer, 11 Colley Lane

    Smith Percy, hair dresser, 108 Colley gate

    Southall George & Son, chain makers, 28 Banner street

    Southall Alfd. bldr. 25 Banner st

    Southall Benjamin F. grocer, 95 Colley gate

    Southall Caleb, chain mailer, Ladysmith road. T N 159

    Southall Eliza (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 21 Netherend

    Southall Joseph, china & glass dealer, 13 High street

    Southall Louie (Mrs.), milliner, 128 Colley gate

    Southall Mrs. draper, 25 Banner st

    Southall Walter B. grocer, 35 High street

    Southwick Fredk. hairdrssr. 7 Lyde grn

    Spalding Chas, horse slaughterer, Colley gate. T N 367

    Spencer Thomas, beer retailer, Park lane

    Sprague Edward. smith, Park road

    Stafford Geo. White Lion inn, 74 Colley gate

    Starling Edward Charles, grocer, 114 Colley gate

    Stevens William Henry, farmer, Two Gates

    Stringer James, draper, 32 High street

    Stringer Mrs. greengro. Overend

    Sutton Mrs. insur. agt. Lyde grn

    Talbot James, draper, 11 High street

    Tandy John, Blue Ball P.H. Church lane

    Tate Frederick Harry, butcher, Colley gate

    Tate Joseph M. builder, Highfield road. T N 225

    Taylor Harold, pawnbrkr. 9 High st

    Thomas William Henry, market gardener, 63 Two gates

    Thompson Wm. H. grocer, 21 Windmill hill

    Tidmarsh Samuel James, butcher, 15 High street

    Tromans Benj. beer retlr. 52 High st

    Twist Mary Ann (Mrs,), Maypole P.H. 5 Cradley forge

    Walker Mary (Mrs.), draper, 42 Colley gate

    Walker Solomon, shopkeeper, 63 High street

    Warr William, greengrocer, 29 High street

    Wassell Clara (Miss), draper, 40 High street

    Webster Thomas, farmer, Overend

    Westwood Saml. draper, 27 High st

    White & Taylor, grocers, 42 High street

    Willetts & Sons, chain makers. Ladysmith rd. T N 209

    Willetts Alec. fancy draper, 6 Talbot st

    Willetts Gilbert, Bridge inn, 8 Bridge street

    Williams John, greengrocer, 44 High street

    Williams Walter, chain maker, Little hill

    Woodall Harry Arthur, tailor, 99 Colley gate

    Woodall E. (Miss), confctnr. 18 High st

    Woodhouse Edward, chain maker, Banner street

    Worton Charles, chain maker, Banner street

    Worton Emma (Mrs.), confectioner, 19 High street

    Worton Soloman, chain maker, 66 Alma street

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