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    The entry for Cradley in Kelly's 1900 directory has 290 commercial listings, and 55 private residents.

    Cradley Links wishes to record our sincere thanks to Mr Rod Neep of The Archive CD Books Project for his generous permission to reproduce this directory excerpt and the associated scans.

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    CRADLEY is a township, extensive and populous district, and an ecclesiastical parish, formed in 1799 from the civil parish of Halesowen, on the borders of Staffordshire, the river Stour separating it from Cradley Heath in that county; it has a station on the Birmingham and Stourbridge section of the Great Western railway, 2½ miles east from Stourbridge, 4 south from Dudley and 9½ south-west from Birmingham, in the Northern division of the county, hundred of Lower Halfshire, Stourbridge petty sessional division, union and county court district, rural deanery of Dudley and archdeaconry and diocese of Worcester. The town itself lies a little off the main road and forms part of a populous mercantile and manufacturing neighbourhood, in which the iron trade is carried on in all its branches; water is supplied by the South Staffordshire Waterworks Company and gas by the Cradley Heath Gas Company. The church, erected in 1789, and until its consecration in 1798 a chapel belonging to Lady Huntingdon's Connexion, is an edifice of brick, repaired in 1874-5, at a cost of about £4,500 and consists of chancel, nave, south porch and a brick tower added in 1876 and containing 8 bells, shown in the Vienna exhibition of 1873; a new font was introduced in 1867 and an organ built at a cost of £400: there are 750 sittings, 350 being free. In 1852 a grant of land was made by the sons of the late Rev. George Biggs (a former rector of Halesowen) for the enlargement of the burial grounds of this parish, and a second enlargement of one acre was made in 1874. The register of baptisms and burials dates from 1785 and marriages 1802. The living is a vicarage, net yearly value £290, in the gift of the Rector of Halesowen, and held since 1892 by the Rev. Robert Henry Edmondson, of Brasenose College, Oxford, and B.A. of Trinity College, Dublin. The great tithes are held by the lay impropriator, Mr. Jeston Homfray. A vicarage house was built in 1899 by the parishioners at a cost of £2,550. Here is a Unitarian chapel, built in 1796, Baptist, in 1803, Wesleyan, in 1873, Primitive Methodist, in 1882, and New Connexion Methodist in 1856. Messrs. Harper and Moores, Messrs. King Brothers and Messrs. Samuel Evers and Sons, are manufacturers of fire bricks, clay retorts and crucibles, and proprietors of the Stourbridge clay. One mile from the northern extremity of Cradley, in a romantic, richly-timbered vale, is a spring of salt water, called the "Lady Well," highly esteemed on account of its medicinal qualities; in the summer it is very much frequented. There are a few handsome residences here : Hatherton Lodge is the residence of Sir Benjamin Hingley bart. J.P.; The Elms is the property of Mrs. Strawson; Fairview is occupied by Samuel Hingley esq. J.P. and Colman Hill Grange by Thomas Darby esq. Viscount Cobham is lord of the manor. The principal landowners are the New British Iron Company, Jeston Homfray esq., James Holcroft esq. of Stourbridge, James Payton Badley esq. of Dudley, the Old Swinford Hospital, the trustees of Mrs. King, of Wollescote Hall, Stourbridge, Messrs. Joseph King and Co., Messrs. Harper and Moores, Samuel Evers and Sons, and Messrs. Mobberley & Perry, of the Lye. The soil in general is a rich loam, and is noted for the cultivation of cabbage plants; it also produces potatoes and all kinds of grain, and forms excellent pasturage; and the lands on the north and west of Netherend (a part of the township of Cradley) abound with thick coal and fire-clay. The area is 818 acres; rateable value, £17,067; the population in 1891 was 5,709.

    Netherend, Colley Gates, Overend, Two Gates and Colman Hill are near the town.

    Parish Clerk, Joseph Fellows Bloomer.

    Post, M. 0. & T. O., S. B., Express Delivery & Annuity & Insurance Office.- Miss Alice Christopher, sub-postmistress. Letters arrive from Cradley Heath S.O. at 6.45 a.m. & 2 & 6.15 p.m.; dispatched at 8.55 & 11.10 a.m. & 2.10, 7.10 &8.10 p.m.; sundays at 8.40 a.m

    Wall Letter Boxes, cleared at :- Netherend, 7.35 a.m. & 2 & 6.35 p.m.; sundays, 7.45 p.m.; Bridge street, 9.5 & 11.15 a.m. & 2.10, 7.10 & 8.15 p.m.; sundays, 8.50 a.m.; Colley Gate, 7.30 & 11 a.m. & 1.55, 7.5 & 8.5 p.m.; sundays, 7.55 a.m. : Two gates, 8 a.m. 2.20 & 8 p.m.; sundays at 8 p.m

    Post Office, Windmill Hill. - Samuel Newby, sub-postmaster. Letters arrive from Cradley Heath S.O. 6.50 a.m. & 6.20 p.m.; dispatched at 8.50, 11.10 a.m., 1.50, 6.55 & 7.55 p.m. Postal orders issued, but not paid. Nearest Telegraph office, Cradley

    County Police Station, Colley lane ; Walter Clark, sergeant in charge & 3 constables


    Inland Revenue Officer, John Macdonald, Scolding green

    Medical Officer & Public Vaccinator, Cradley District, Stourbridge Union, Russell Sturgis-White M.B., C.M.. Colley gate ; surgery, Glyndon house, High street

    Sanitary Inspector to Stourbridge Rural District Council; Benjamin Thompson, Colley gate

    PLACES OF WORSHIP, with Times of Services.

    Cradley Church, Rev. Robert Henry Edmondson B.A, vicar; Rev. Thomas Frederick Monahan B.A. curate ; 8 & 10.45 a.m. & 3 & 6.30 p.m. ; daily 8.30 a.m. except wed. & fri. 11 a.m.; baptisms, mon. 3 pm.; wed. 7p.m

    Baptist, High street, Rev. Wm. Alfred Barker.; 10.45 a.m. & 6.15 p.m.; thurs. 7.30 p.m

    Methodist New Connesion, Colley gate, 10.30 a.m., 2.30. & 6 p.m. ; thurs. 7 p.m

    Primitive Methodist, 70.45 a.m. & 6 p.m. ; thurs. 7.30 p.m

    Unitarian, Netherend, Rev. Edward Potter Hall B.A. ; 11 a.m. & 6.30 p.m

    Wesleyan, High street, Rev. Samuel Shrimpton ; 10.30 a.m. & 6 p.m. ; thurs. 7 p.m


    National, Church street (mixed), for 410 ohildren; average attendance, 360 children ; Joseph Jaquiss, master

    National (infants'), erected in 1898, for 225 children ; average attendance, 180; Mrs. C. A. Roper, mistress

    British, Church street (boys, girls & infants), built in 1871, enlarged in 1895, for 280 boys, 200 girls & 160 infants; average attendance, 250 boys, 190 girls & 120 infants ; John James Homer, master ; Miss Elizabeth Edwards, mistress ; Miss Ruth Lucy Wright, infants' mistress

    National, Netherend, erected in 1796 (the boys' school was opened in 1872), for 260 mixed children & infants ; average attendance, 230 mixed & 76 infants; William Henry Guest, master

    National, Park Lane (infants), for 21O children; average attendance, 100; Mrs. Alice Green, mistress

    Railway Station, Cradley Heath, Walter Harris, station master

    Carriers to Birmingham.-Alfred Wooldridge, Netherend to 'Phoenix,' Park street, on tues. thurs. & sat

    (For other names in the district, see Stourbridge; also Cradley Heath & Rowley Regis, Staffs.)


    Attwood John, Colley Gate house, Colley gate

    Attwood Mrs. Elmsleigh, Colman hill

    Bache Chas. Chapel ho. Lyde green

    Barker Rev. William Alfred (Baptist), Colley orchard

    Barnsley Benjamin, Westbourne villas, Highfield road, Windmill hill

    Bate Alfred, Furlong lane

    Bate Mrs. Beecher view, Furlong Lane

    Bissell George Simeon, The Hollies, Park road, Colley gate

    Bloomer Joseph Fellows, Lyndsale, Beecher street, Colman hill

    Beasley Miss, Park view, Two gates

    Brazier Adam, Colman hill

    Brazier William, Salt Hill house

    Bridgewater Mrs. Furlong lane

    Chapman Wm. Alma ho. Windmill hl

    Clewes Chas. Hodgetts J.P. The Park

    Dakin Charles, 1 Colman hill

    Dakin George Frederick, Clent view, Windmill hill

    Darby Thos. The Grange, Colman hl

    Davis George, Westbourne villas, Highfield road, Windmill hill

    Edmondson Rev. Robert Henry B.A. (vicar), The Vicarage

    Forrest Joshua, Woodland vw. Colman hl

    Garratt Julius, Holloway ho. Colman hl

    Griffin Darius, Aston vils. Colley gate

    Griffin Wm. sen. Aston vls. Colley gate

    Grove Edward Harry, Colley gate

    Hall Rev. Edward Potter B.A. (Unitarian), Parsonage, Netherend

    Hingley Sir Benjamin bart. J.P. Hatherton lodge

    Hingley Jsph. Linton ho. Colman hill

    Hingley Miss, Hatherton lo. Colmn. hill

    Hingley Saml. J.P. Fairview, Colman hl

    Homer Thomas, The Limes, Colley gate

    Hudson William John, The Laurels, Colley gate

    Hughes Mrs. Cleveland vil, Church st

    Jaquiss Joseph, Lyndhurst, Highfield road, Windmill hill

    Jennings Andrew, Netherend

    Kendrick Mrs. West end, Colley gate

    Monahan Rev. Thomas Frederick B.A. (curate), Colman hill

    Oliver Mrs, Church street

    Oliver Mrs. The Poplars, Windmill hl

    Palmer Joseph, Fern cottages, Highfield road, Windmill hill

    Perry Harry Ridgdale, Two gates

    Payton Thomas, Rose cottage, Highfield road, Windmill hill

    Preston Mrs. Woodland vw. Colman hl

    Rees Geo. Tregaron ho. Colley orchard

    Shrimpton Rev. Samuel (Wesleyan), Glyndon house, Lyde green

    Sidaway Mrs. Eglantine, Highfield road, Windmill hill

    Simon Wm. Denziel villas, Colman hl

    Sturgis-White Russell M.B., C.M. Colley gate

    Tate Mrs. Colley lane

    Thompson Benjamin, Colley gate

    Thompson Miss, Clyde ho. Colman hill

    Westwood Richard, Park terrace, Park road, Colley gate

    Willetts Alfred Henry, Furlong lane

    Willetts James, Colman hill

    Wylde Mrs. Victoria vil. Furlong lane


    Adams Charles, chain maker. Windmill hill

    Adams Clara, Ada & Florence (Misses), milliners & drapers, Furlong Lane

    Adams James, carpenter, Furlong lane

    Adams Joseph, shopkeeper, Two gates

    Adams William Henry, chain maker, Colman hill

    Ashmore George, horse slaughterer, Two gates

    Attwood Eliza (Mrs.), hame maker, Lyde green

    Attwood John, butcher, Colley gate

    Attwood John, carter, Netherend

    Attwood Joseph, chain maker, Mill lane

    Attwood Richard, chain maker, High street

    Auden Arthur, Old Two gates P.H. Two gates

    Auden John, Sun P.H. Overend

    Bache Mary (Mrs.), shopkeeper, New street

    Bache Thomas, baker, victoria street

    Barker & Son, drapers, High street

    Bate Lucy (Mrs), chain maker, Lyde green

    Bate Philip, chain maker, High town

    Bate Samuel, chain maker, Overend

    Bate Thomas, shopkeeper, Overend

    Bate William Edward, greengrcr. Victoria terrace, High st

    Batham Daniel, beer retailer, High street

    Beasley Alfred, haberdasher, Beecher street, Colman hill

    Beasley Allen, chain & chain cable maker, Colley orchard

    Beasley Caleb, carpenter, Park view, Two gates

    Beasley Charles, farmer, Two gates

    Beasley Charles, shopkeeper, Windmill hill

    Beasley Joseph, chain maker, High town

    Beasley Joseph, tip nail maker, Two gates

    Beasley Philip, grocer, High street

    Beasley Simeon, grocer, Windmill hill

    Bennett Clement, beer retailer, Two gates

    Bills Alfred, shopkeeper, Colley lane

    Bissell James, shopkeeper & chain maker, High street

    Bloomer Abel, hardware dealer, High town

    Bloomer George Albert, linen draper, Colley gate

    Bloomer Giles, chain maker, Colley gate

    Bloomer John, miller (steam), hay & straw dealer & corn merchant, Bridge street

    Bloomer Joseph, chain maker, Colley lane

    Bloomer Joseph Fellows, builder & parish clerk, Colman hl

    Bloomer Philip, chain maker, High town

    Bloomer William, chain maker, High town

    Blunt Felix, shopkeeper, Bridge street

    Boxley Henry, chain maker, Two gates

    Boxley Peter, chain maker, Colley orchard

    Boxley Philemon, chain maker, Lodge lane

    Boxley Rosanna (Miss), chain maker, Two gates

    Boxley William Henry, grocer & carter, Two gates

    Brettell James Alfred, grocer, Colley gate

    Bridgewater Esther (Mrs.), butcher, High street

    Bridgewater Hannah (Mrs.), greengrocer, Bridge street

    Bridgewater Hannah (Mrs.), grocer, High street

    Brooke John, chain maker, Mill lane

    Brown Joseph, chain maker, Lyde Green

    Buckley William, shopkeeper, Colley gate

    Butler Arthur T. architect, Colley gate

    Case Philip, shopkeeper, Colley lane

    Chaloner John, carpenter, & shopkeeper, Windmill hill

    Chier John Thomas, butcher, High street

    Christopher Alice (Miss), tobacconst & post office, High st

    Christopher Joseph, shopkeeper, Butcher's lane

    Clark Walter, sergeant of police, County Police Station, Colley lane

    Clarke William, fishmonger, High street

    Clewes T. M. & Son, wool dealers & wool mop, rope, twine & waterproof cloth makers & government contractors, Park mills, Colley gate

    Cilft Alfred, chain maker, Bridge street

    Clift Elijah, chain maker, New street

    Clift Henry, boot & shoe dealer & haberdasher, High st

    Colwood Joseph, boot maker, High street

    Cook William Henry, Crown P.H. Lyde Green

    Cooper Caleb, insurance agent, Beecher st. Colman hill

    Corbett John, plumber, New street

    Corbett William, painter, High street

    Cornock Sidney, shpkpr. & schl. attendance officer, High st

    County Police Station (Walter Clark, sergeant), Colley la

    Cox Caleb, chain maker, Colley lane

    Cox Caleb, chain maker, Park road, Colley gate

    Cox Caleb, draper, Windmill hill

    Cox Daniel Sampson, shopkeeper, Furlong lane

    Cox Henry, chain maker, Butcher's lane

    Cox John Albert, chain maker, High street

    Cox Mary Ann (Mrs.), chain maker, High town

    Cox Stephen, chain maker, New street

    Cox Thomas, Round of Beef P.H. Windmill hill

    Cox Thomas Geoffrey, butcher, Windmill hill

    Crampton John, farmer, Netherend

    Crampton Samuel, chain maker, Windmill hill

    Crampton Thomas, shopkeeper & nail maker, Two gates

    Cranton Henry, shopkeeper, Lyde green

    Cutler Frederic Edward, Rose & Crown P.H. High street & brewer, Lyde Green

    Dallow Richard, fancy draper, High street

    Darby Joseph, tailor, Windmill hill

    Davies George, printer, Windmill hill

    Davies James, draper, High street

    Dentith Joseph, shopkeeper & corn dealer, High street

    Dewhurst Alfred, boot & shoe maker, High street

    Dunn H. & Co. chain & chain cable makers, Lyde Green

    Dunn Stephen, chain maker, Lyde Green

    Dunn William, shopkeeper, Windmill hill

    Edmonds Herbert, pawnbroker, High street

    Edmonds Thomas, shopkeeper, Windmill hill

    Edwards William, chain maker, Little hill

    Elwell Josiah, chain maker, Lodge lane

    Evans James, chain maker, Two gates

    Evers Samuel & Sons, fire clay & fire brick manufacturers, Homer hill fire clay & fire brick works

    Falcon Yeast Co. (John Wm. Stiff, proprietor), yeast merchants, Park road, Colley gate

    Feldon Sarah (Mrs.), shopkeeper, Two gates

    Fellows Thomas, Old Mogul P.H. Netherend

    Fendall John, chain maker, Inhedge

    Forrest Edward, chain maker, Church road

    Forrest Edward, Shopkeeper, Colley lane

    Fowkes Robert, chain maker, Colley lane

    Gill George, shopkeeper & chain maker, High town

    Gill George, jun. grocer, High street

    Gill Priscilla (Miss), chain maker, High street

    Gill Samuel, beer retailer, Two gates

    Gill Solomon, butcher, Colley gate

    Gill Solomon, jun. boot & shoe maker, Colley gate

    Gill Solomon, jun. boot maker, Park road, Colley gate

    Gillam James, chain maker, Lyde green

    Glaizer John, chain maker, High street

    Golden George, chain maker, Butcher's lane

    Green John, chain maker, Lodge lane

    Griffin William (postal address, Cradley Heath), anchor, chain & chain cable ma. forgings &c. Victoria forge

    Griffiths Francis, Black Swan P.H. High street

    Griffiths William, chain maker, New street

    Grove Edward Harry, solicitor, Colley gate

    Grove Eli, chain maker, Crndley fields

    Guest Edward, Old Vine P.H. Park road, Colley gate

    Harbach William, anchor maker, Little hill

    Harper David, haberdasher, High street

    Harper & Moores Limited (Joseph Moore, man. director), colliery proprietors & fire brick makers, Netherend (postal address, Stourbridge)

    Harper Moses, nail maker, Colley orchard

    Harris Benjamin, shopkeeper, Two gates

    Harris David, chain maker, Little hill

    Harris Ezra, grocer, Windmill hill

    Harris Harry, chain maker, High street

    Harris Joseph, chain maker, High town

    Harris Joseph, chain maker, Little hill

    Harris Joseph, chain maker, Victoria street

    Harris Walter, station master, Cradley heath

    Harrison Joseph, chain maker, New street

    Harvey William, hair dresser, High street

    Hawkeswood Edward, Bull's Head P.H. & grocer, Overend

    Hawkeswood William, coal dealer, High town

    Head John, shopkeeper, Little hill

    Hemming Harry, butcher & grocer, Overend

    Herrin Henry Jabez, Horse & Jockey P.H. Netherend

    Hickman Arthur Samuel, tobacconist, Colley gate

    Hickman Benjamin, shopkeeper, Colley gate

    Hill Frederick, chain maker, Lyde green

    Hill John, shopkeeper, Park road, Colley gate

    Hill Maria Ann (Mrs.), shopkeeper, Netherend

    Hingley David, chain maker, Butcher's lane

    Hingley Henry, nail maker, Overend

    Hipkiss Henry & Co. iron forgers & anchor makers, Lodge forge

    Hipkiss Ann Rebecca (Mrs.). Lodge Forge P.H. New st

    Hipkiss William, red & blue brick works & quarry owners, Lodge lane

    Hodgetts Benjamin, butcher, High town

    Hodgetts Charles, shopkeeper, High town

    Hodgetts Henry, chain maker, Two gates

    Hodgetts Joseph, butcher, High street

    Homer Alexander, chain maker, Windmill hill

    Homer Harry, chain maker, New street

    Homer John, beer retailer, Overend

    Homer Neri, chain maker, Little hill

    Homer Paul, ironmonger, High street

    Homer Samuel, grocer, Netherend

    Homer Thomas, solicitor, Colley gate

    Horton Hannah (Mrs.), greengrocer, High street

    Jones & Lloyd, manufacturers of anchors, anvils, vices, bolts, nuts, rivets, spikes & wrought nails, chain cables, rigging & crane chains, hammers, shipping tackle &c. &c. &c; hardware merchants, Scotia works & Cradley forge; & at 162 Edmund street, Birmingham. T A "Neptune," Cradley & Birmingham

    Jones Charles William, shopkeeper, Colley gate

    Jones Samuel, confectioner & baker, Colley gate

    Jones Samuel, shopkeeper, Furlong lane

    Kendrick William, chain maker, Two gates

    King Bros. Stourbridge fire brick & gas retort manufacturers, Netherend (postal address, Stourbridge) ; & at 46 Penn street, Curzon street, Birmingham

    King Joseph & Co. coal masters & brick, tile and terra cotta manufacturers : architects' designs estimated for, Netherend (postal address, Stourbridge) ; T A, "King Co. Lye"

    Kirton George, chain maker, High street

    Kirton Samuel, chain maker, Two gates

    Kirton William, chain maker, High street

    Leonard Sarah (Mrs.), draper, Two gates

    Littlewood John Thomas, shopkeeper, High street

    Macdonald John, inland revenue officer, Scolding green

    Mason Charles, farmer, Overend

    Meacham Arthur, baker, Park road, Colley gate

    Meredith Joseph Albert, carpenter, builder & contractor, Furlong lane

    Meredith Samuel, bricklayer, Furlong lane

    Millward David, toy dealer, Windmill hill

    Mole Albert, Horse Shoe P.H. & blacksmith, Colley gate

    Moore Selina (Mrs.), chain maker, Windmill hill

    Morris Edward, Fish P.H. High street

    Newby Samuel, confectioner & post office, Windmill hill

    Oliver Eliza (Mrs.), beer retailer, Park side

    Oliver Frank, Talbot htl. brewr. maltster & farmr. Colley gate

    Oliver John, carpenter, Colley gate

    Parsons Abigail (Mrs.), chain maker, Little hill

    Parsons Alfred, chain maker, Lyde Green

    Parsons Daniel, shopkeeper, High street

    Parsons John, chain maker, Church lane

    Partridge George, chain manufacturer, Park side

    Partridge Myra (Mrs.), chain maker, New street

    Payton Arthur, coffin maker, Woodland view, Colman hill

    Pearce Charles, grocer, High street

    Pearce Charles, shopkeeper, New street

    Pearshouse Joseph, beer retailer, Netherend

    Pearshouse Lillie (Miss), tobacconist, High street

    Pearson Samuel, fishmonger, Colley lane

    Perry Charlotte (Mrs.), grocer, Two gates

    Plant George, shopkeeper, High street

    Plant Warwick, greengrocer & fishmonger, High street

    Plumpton Annie (Miss), draper, Colley orchard

    Plumpton Thomas, blacksmith, Colley orchard

    Poole John, commission agent, Colley lane

    Priest David, frost screw maker, Butcher's lane

    Priest James, chain maker, Bridge street

    Priest John, chain maker, Butcher's lane

    Proffitt Daniel, beer retailer, High town

    Radford Samuel, confectioner, High street

    Rawlins David, chain maker, Lyde green

    Raybould David, chain maker, Colley lane

    Raybould Richard, shoe maker, High street

    Robertson Joseph, chain maker, Mill lane

    Robinson Cornelius, chain maker, High street

    Robinson Evan, shopkeeper, High town

    Robinson John, shopkeeper, High street

    Robinson Stephen, boot maker, Colley gate

    Rock Joseph, chain maker, Beecher street

    Roper George Albert, White Lion inn, Colley gate

    Round Edward, shopkeeper, Netherend

    Rowley Thomas, British Arms P.H. Furlong lane

    Rudge True Ann (Mrs.), china & glass dealer, Colman hill, & chain maker, Beecher street

    Salt Mary (Mrs.), shopkeeper, Bridge street

    Saunders John, beer retailer, Lyde green

    Shaw Thomas H. secretary to the Sheet Iron Workers' Industrial Society Lim. Phoenix works

    Shaw William, chain maker, Lyde green

    Sheet Iron Workers' (The) Industrial Society Lim. (Thos. H. Shaw, sec.), galvanizers, Phoenix works, Cradley

    Sidaway Joseph, butcher, High street

    Sidaway Louisa (Mrs.), grocer, High street

    Slim George Adrian, Holly Bush P.H. High street

    Southall Benjamin, shopkeeper, Windmill hill

    Southall Charles, chain maker, Lyde green

    Southall George, chain maker, High town

    Spencer Edward William, shopkeeper, Colley gate

    Spencer Martha (Mrs.), grocer, Windmill hill

    Sprake Edmard, blacksmith, Church lane

    Stafford John, chain maker, Netherend

    Stanley Mary Ann (Mrs.), wardrobe dealer, High shreet

    Stiff Jn. Wm. shopkeeper, Colley gate, & grocer, Park rd

    Stiles Ann (Mrs.), beer retailer, Furlong lane

    Stoneley John, fishmonger, New street

    Sturgis-White Russell M.B., C.M. surgeon, medical officer & public vaccinator, Cradley district, Stourbridge Union, & Glyndon house, High street, Colley gt

    Sutton Thomas, coal dealer, Colley gate

    Tate James, shopkeeper, Colman hill, & grocer, Beecher st

    Tate John Howard, greengrocer, Colley gate

    Tate Jsph. Mirari, ironmngr. furn. dlr. & bldr. Windmill hl

    Tate Thomas, farmer, Overend

    Tate William Edmard, butcher, Furlong lane, Colley gate

    Taylor George, boot & shoe dealer, Colley lane

    Taylor Henry, chain maker, Two gates

    Taylor James Henry, beer retailer, Two gates

    Taylor Thomas, draught nail maker, Park side

    Thomas John, boot maker, Colley gate

    Thompson Benjamin, sanitary inspector to Halesowen rural district council, Colley gate

    Tibbetts Alfred, carter, Overend

    Tibbetts Alfred, shopkeeper, New street

    Tibbetts William, beer retailer, High street

    Troman John, chain maker, Mill lane

    Walker Edward Taylor, chain maker, Lyde green

    Walker Felix, chain maker, Lyde green

    Walker Hezekiah, beer retailer, Victoria street

    Walker Mary (Mrs.), chain maker, Lyde green

    Walker William, chain maker, Lyde green

    Warr Joseph, fruiterer, greengrocer & insurance agent, High street

    Weaver Edward, shopkeeper, Bridge street

    White John Henry, grocer, High street

    White Thomas, shopkeeper, High street

    Willetts Thomas, chain maker, New street

    Willetts William, chain maker, Beecher st. Colman hill

    Willetts William, chain maker, Windmill hill

    Williams John, grocer, Beecher street, Colman hill

    Williams Sarah (Mrs.), chain maker, Butcher's lane

    Witley Colliery Co. Lim. coal merchants ; depot, Overend wharf, Overend

    Wood Mary Ann (Mrs.), shopkeeper, Lyde green

    Woodhouse Thomas, chain maker, Overend

    Wooldridge Elijah, chemist, Lyde green

    Working Men's Temperance club (Mrs. Elizabeth Osborne, manageress), High street

    Worton Albert, chain maker, Beecher street

    Worton Solomon, chain maker, Colley orchard

    Worton Solomon, greengrocer, Colley gate

    Worton William, chain maker, Beecher street, Colman hill

    Wyer Arthur, chain maker, Colley lane

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