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    The Probate data on this page has been extracted from the Calendars (annual indexes) of the Central Probate Registry by Alan Stanier in pursuance of his own family history. It is for Hingleys who lived and/or died in and around Cradley between the years 1858 and 1900.

    Alan makes available an ad-hoc collection of research notes, etc., at his Research Notes web pages. The extracts are restricted to those relevant to his research into his own family tree and entries are in no particular order.

    Alan encourages others to use and reproduce this data, and has kindly given permission for its reproduction here on Cradley Links. His link to the Hingleys is his 4 x great grandmother Elizabeth Hingley, who married Joseph Davis 27 July 1817 in Halesowen. For many years Alan's family research met a brickwall with Elizabeth, as he could not tell which of two Elizabeth Hingleys she was (the Rowley Regis register has two baptised on the same day, 12 September 1798). However, this was resolved in 2012 when new information came to light. Shared DNA between himself and Nigel Brown (of Cradley Links) pointed very strongly to the Elizabeth Hingley daughter of Isaac and Esther Hingley. Nigel is also descended from Isaac and Esther, via their son Josiah.


    Probate refers to the legal process of approval by a competent court that an instrument (normally a Will or Administration in the absence of a Will) of a deceased person was indeed his or her lawful act, together with authority to the executor(s) to carry out its terms.

    A Will, properly known as a Last Will and Testament, is a document directing the disposal of a deceased person's property according to his or her wishes while living. When a person dies intestate, that is, leaving no Will, the next-of-kin, or a close friend or creditor, applies to the probate court to grant Letters of Administration of the estate, also called Admons., to settle matters

    Before 1858 there were up to 300 or so ecclesiastical and peculiar courts. The peculiars belonged in the main to city corporations, colleges or lords of manors. In 1858 all these fragmented jurisdictions were abolished by the Probate Act, and their powers were passed to the Probate Division (now the Family Division) of the High Court.


    Name of deceased Occupation of died Probate / Admin Executor(s) Estate
    Jeremiah Puddler Surfeit Hill, Rowley Regis 22 Dec 1859 Probate 17 Feb 1860 Cornelius Small

    Philip Hingley (son)

    Less than £200
    James Butcher Cradley Heath 9 Feb 1863 Probate 3 Nov 1863 James Hingley (son)

    Charles Hingley (son)

    Less than £20
    Benjamin Gun barrel borer Gosty Hill, Rowley Regis 1 Apr 1864 Probate 19 Sep 1864 Daniel Priest

    James Price Philis Hingley

    Less than £20
    Hezekiah Chain cable manufacturer formerly Grassendale near Liverpool, recently Cradley 17 Apr 1855 Admin 14 Jun 1864 Fanny Georgina Hingley (relict) Less than £450
    Samuel Horse-nail maker Butchers Lane, Cradley 4 Apr 1867 Probate 7 Jan 1868 Eliza Hingley (relict) Less than £100
    Thomas Grocer 57 Pedmore Rd, Woodside 4 Mar 1871 Probate 12 May 1871 James Hingley (son)

    Levi Hingley (son)

    Less than £100
    Eliza Widow Cradley 25 Apr 1872 Probate 4 Jun 1872 Benjamin Thompson

    William Griffin

    Less than £100
    Anne Linton Wife of Noah Hingley Cradley 9 Oct 1871 Admin 14 Oct 1873 Said Noah Hingley Less than £700
    James Farmer and nail ironmonger Hammerslane Farm, Rowley Regis 16 Jun 1873 Probate 26 Nov 1873 James Henry Hingley (son)

    Samuel Leonard Timothy Hingley (son)

    Less than £4000
    Noah &nbsp The Lye 28 Mar 1873 Probate 14 Jun 1873 David Perks

    Rechab Hingley (son)

    Less than £100
    Tobias Publican and chainmaker High Street, Cradley Heath 22 Mar 1873 Probate 10 May 1873 Jeremiah Skidmore jr Less than £200
    John Boat loader Woodside, Dudley 3 Feb 1872 Probate 27 Feb 1874 Joseph Hingley (son)

    Noah Hingley (son)

    Less than £100
    Arthur Gentleman Haden Hill 7 May 1875 Admin 29 May 1875 Ellen Hingley (relict) Less than £50
    James Labourer Vicarage Prospect, Dudley 7 Mar 1875 Probate 21 May 1875 Ann Hingley (relict) Less than £100
    Barzillai Chain manufacturer Colley Gate 2 Oct 1876 Admin 16 Dec 1876 Ann Hingley (relict) Less than £2000
    Edwin Warehouseman Haden Hill 24 Apr 1876 Admin 17 May 1876 Ellen Hingley, widow (mother) Less than £20
    Samuel Chain maker King Street, Cradley Heath 21 Dec 1869 Admin with Will 28 Oct 1876 Lenora Lowe, wife of Isaac Lowe (daughter) Less than £100
    Elizabeth Spinster Collinsville, Madison Co, Illinois, USA 16 Oct 1873 Admin 9 Oct 1877 Mary Ann Rollinson, wife of Edward Rollinson (sister) Less than £100
    Noah Esq. Hatherton Lodge, Cradley 21 Oct 1877 Probate 29 Nov 1877 Samuel Hingley (son)

    George Benjamin Hingley (grandson)

    Less than £2000
    Timothy Farmer Netherend 22 Jul 1877 Probate 3 Oct 1877 James Hingley (brother) Less than £800
    John Boatman Pear Tree Lane, Dudley 19 Nov 1861 Probate 20 Nov 1878 Sarah Poole Davis, wife of Henry Davies, of 24 Wood Street, Hart's Hill (relict) Less than £100
    Ann Widow Vicarage Prospect, Dudley 27 Mar 1880 Probate 21 Apr 1881 Henry Littlewood

    Thomas Samuel Silvers

    Less than £100
    Samuel Stocktaker Level Street, Brierley Hill 23 Apr 1881 Probate 13 May 1881 James Thompson

    James Northwood

    Less than £150
    Henry Gentleman Wollaston, Oldswinford 4 Sep 1884 Probate 6 Dec 1884 John Grainger

    Samuel Griffiths

    £470 2s 6d
    Ann Widow King St, Cradley Heath 3 Jun 1888 Admin with Will 11 Jul 1888 George Frederick Handel Hingley (son) £148 12s 6d
    Felix Rufus Licenced victualler The Heath Tavern, Cradely Heath 8 Feb 1888 Probate 9 Mar 1888 Sophia Elizabeth Hingley (relict) £513 9s 6d
    Bertram Rufus Licenced victualler The Heath Tavern, Cradely Heath 30 Jan 1890 Probate 11 Feb 1890 Mary Hingley (relict) £275
    James Horsenail maker Lyde Green, Cradley 2 Dec 1890 Probate 16 Dec 1890 George Burchill £245 19s
    Caroline Wife of Matthew Henry Hingley Dudley Rd, Knowle, Rowley Regis 4 Nov 1897 Probate 14 Dec 1897 Daniel Darby

    Alice Susannah Williams, wife of Thomas William Williams

    Florence Constance Wife of David Hingley 28 Hagley Rd, Stourbridge 26 Dec 1897 Admin 5 Feb 1898 Said David Hingley £306 5s 7d
    Mary Ann Wife of Joseph Hingley Lye 25 Sep 1897 Probate 1 Nov 1898 William Green £5
    William Fruiterer Gorsty Hill, Rowley Regis 16 Sep 1899 Probate 7 Nov 1899 William Hingley

    William Taylor

    James 106 Harts Hill, Brierley Hill 1 Feb 1900 Probate 24 Mar 1900 Ellen Hingley

    Thomas Meese Hingley

    Joseph Gentleman Linton House, Cradley 24 Apr 1900 Probate 7 Jul 1900 Harry Bertram Hingley

    Alfred Homfrey

    £957 5s 3d
    James Gentleman Lydefield House, Cradley Heath 30 Jul 1900 Probate 18 Sep 1900 Perceval James Hingley

    Harry Webb Selina Emily Hingley

    £4852 11s 4d
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