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    Cradley Links

    Photographs of Cradley people from yesteryear

    Members of the Cradley Hingley and Cartwright families at Cuckoo's Corner, Park Lane, Cradley, 1870. Cradley Links webmaster Jill Guest sent it for upload to Cradley Links, noting: "The picture was given to me by Bridget Cox's father, with others which he found when clearing out a relatives house. This was the only one with anything written on the back." "Cuckoos Corner, Park Lane, Cradley 1870 Left to right: Myra Hingley Lucy Cartwright Mr & Mrs Hingley Joe Cartwright" In the course of preparing the image which Jill sent for upload onto Cradley Links, Mike Hamilton asked Jill: "(a) what is the thing that the fellow on the far right is holding/petting? Presume it's a dog, although at first it looked like a rabbit! (b) what sort of a hat is it that the fellow in the middle is wearing?" Jill explained: "(a) I thought it looked like a rabbit, or it could even be a cat? ... or possibly a small terrier to catch rabbits. (b) the hat is of course a typical example of a nailers hat together with his 'erden appen. A rough translation of "erden appen" might be "hessian apron".

    From Jill Guest's private collection: "Albert Beasley is standing by his horse with the long coat on, my mom and aunt, Dorothy and Betty Beasley are on the cart".

    Another photograph from Jill Guest's private collection: "Mom is the one with the embroidered sash round her waist and Aunty Betty is standing beside her, it would have been taken before the war in the 1930's at Cradley Carnival, the buildings in the background are interesting.".

    Kate Wood writes that this photograph is "of Thomas and Myra Partridge and their children taken in 1901. They appear on the 1901 census living at New Street, Cradley. Thomas was a chain anchor smith and some family members claim he made the chain for the Titanic. My husband's grandfather is Harry who had this photo complete with names on the back until he emigrated to Australia aged 90." Top row: Solomon (b. 1883), Matilda (Tilly) (b. 1881), Florrie (b. 1885), William (b. 1887) Middle row:Thomas (b. 1859), Tom (b. 1893) , Harry (b. 1889), Myra (b. 1859) Bottom row: Myra (b. 1889), Alice (b. 1891) Cradley Links thanks Kate Wood for her kind permission to display this photograph.

    Can you identify the person in this photograph? Linda Lamberg writes: “[...] her name was Dora from Cradley. She was a friend of my nans, so would have been born circa 1894. I am hoping someone may know who she was. I think she would have been a professional sperson's daughter. My nan went to Halesowen Grammar School, I would presume that Dora went there too.” Update: John W. E. Newby saw Linda's photograph of Dora on Cradley Links, and contacted us with the following information: The Newby family lived in Cradley for a considerable period. The Rev. William Newby (John Newby's grandfather), was born in Cradley, as was his brother Samuel, who owned a building business and lived at Windmill Hill. Samuel had five children, the eldest being Annie Dora who, according to an elderly relative, Daisy Newby (then over 90 years old), was always known as "Dora". Born on 11 August 1894, Dora did not marry until he was 70 years of age, and died shortly afterwards. Linda Lamberg responded: "Yes, Newby rings a big bell with me, I am sure that we have the correct Dora. Thankyou Cradley Links for solving my mystery."

    Key to the cast and production crew in the photograph of High Town Ragged School's April 1922 presentation of "Pearl the Fisher Maiden" 1 Lottie Dunn 24 Walter Hodgetts Jnr. 2 Marion Hodgetts 25 Edith Head (married Bennett) 3 26 Doris Dunn 4 (?) Brettle 27 Madge Hodgetts (married Head) 5 Laurie Harris 28 Leonard Southall 6 29 William Bills 7 Gwen Harris 30 Annie Hodgetts 8 Lizzie Rosser (married Hodgetts) 31 9 Leah Willetts 32 Louise Worton 10 Steve Robinson 33 11 Grace Stafford 34 Ben Robinson 12 Winnie Harris 35 Vic Hodgetts 13 Cara Hodgetts 36 Bert Head (pianist) 14 May Head 37 Jim Bennett 15 Ruth Harris 38 Rupert Harris 16 Joe Brettle 39 Vince Taylor (Knowles?) 17 Florrie Southall (married Mole) 40 Walter Hodgetts (producer) 18 Nellie Hodgetts 41 19 Ivy Hodgetts 42 Llewellyn Tromans 20 Dorrie Willetts 43 Billy Handley 21 William Hodgetts 44 Billy Walton 22 Albert Hodgetts 45 George Harris 23 Edgar Dunn

    May Day at Cradley Wesleyan, about 1900. Edith May Worton is on the bottom row on the right hand side of the Queen. 4th on the left, back row with a garland round her head is Florrie Jenkins, daugher of Ben Jenkins and Martha Eliza Worton. Cradley Links thanks Linda Lamberg for sharing this very rare photograph

    This photograph was found (in glass plate format) in a cellar of an old house behind the Round of Beef in 2002. At this time we cannot identify the individuals pictured - can anybody help? One possibility is that they were members of the Two Gates Cycling Club (note the two bicycles), and is it possible that the badge worn by these men in their lapels might be a representation of a bicycle? Cradley Links congratulates Colin Hart, Glen Billingham, Jill Guest and Nigel Brown for their work in rescuing, copying and scanning this image.

    From the same set of glass plates, seven men, two bicycles, but this time (apparently) no lapel badges

    Valerie Brownhill writes (Jan. 2005): “I think the gentleman on the back row left side of the picture (found at the back of the Round of Beef pub) is George, Benjamin or Samuel (my grandfather) HARRIS. We know they were in a cycling club, and from Cradley, living for a time at Two Gates. We have a photo (see above) of George and we think maybe Samuel taken with bicycles dressed the same as this picture. Hope someone will also see picture and start naming names, it is an amazing picture and congratulations to all involved in reproducing it. My grandfather was Samuel Harris born to John Harris and Adah Golden, but we have never seen photographs of him or his brothers, until l made contact with a second cousin through Genes Reunited, her grandmother was born to George Golden Harris and my Grandfather was his brother Samuel Golden Harris.” Jill Guest adds (20 Jan. 2005): "the man in front of your Harris ancestor is a Hickman (possibly Alfred), a school teacher who came from a large family of Hickmans who lived in the Park Lane/Row area of Cradley for many years. He appears in several other pictures, and a cousin of his, George Hickman (b. 1862) married Lydia Harris."
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