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    Cradley Parish Magazine (1925)

    The December 1925 edition of the Cradley Parish Magazine was, according to the Vicar (the Rev. W. S. Cooper), a “Ladies’ Number”, and covered matters from Queen Alexandra’s recent death to the success of the tea parties given by the Ladies' Work Party

    Clergy - REV. W. S. COOPER. B.A., Hon. C.F., The Vicarage.

    REV. G. LAURENCE, M.A., B.D., 52, Furlong Lane.

    Licensed Lay Readers - MR. G. EDWARDS, MR. N. COX, and MR. C. COOPER.

    Church-Wardens - MR. A. POWELL and MR. B. PARRY.

    Organist - MR. FRANK STEVENS1, L.R.A.M., A.R.C.O.

    Choirmaster - MR. GEO. JEWISS.

    Deputy Organist - MR. W. JONES.

    Verger - MR. C. WORTON, Church Street, (to whom all notices of Banns, Weddings and Funerals must be sent).


    Standing Committee - THE VICAR (Chairman) and the CHURCH-WARDENS.

    Vice-Chairman - MR. W. H. CHAPMAN.

    Treasurer of the Central Fund - MR. A. POWELL.

    Secretary - MR. JOHN BATE.

    Representatives on the Ruri-decanal Conference - Mrs. Cooper, Mrs. Edwards, Mrs. Roper, Messrs. S. J. Bate, J. Jaquiss, A. Powell, G. N. Raybould, Rev. G. Laurence, Miss N. Bullas, Miss Harris, Mrs. Hughes, Miss Parsons, Miss Tandy, Messrs. H. F. Bate, T. Chambers, J. Dunlop (Junr.), G. Edwards, H. E. Garratt, J. Gregory, R. Green, G. Harris, A. Jewiss, A. H. Meredith. B. Millward, A. Parkes, H. Shuck, W. H. Simon, F. Smith, F. Stevens.

    Sidesmen - Messrs. P. Adams, F. Bate, H. Bate, J. Bate, W. Barnsley, F. Beasley, Dr. Belbin, Messrs. James Bloomer, Jos. Bloomer, T. Chambers, W. H. Chapman, G. W. Cox, C. Dakin, H. Fradgley, H. E. Garratt, J. Gregory, F. Hipkiss, J. Jaquiss, W. Jones, A. Jewiss, M. Kendrick, G. Mapp, A. H. Meredith, J. Meredith, A. Parkes, C. Raybould, S. Robinson, J. Shuck, W. H. Simon, F. Stevens, H. A. Woodall, A Wyre, H. Wyre, J. Wyre.

    Parish Church Services - Sundays

    Holy Communion - Every Sunday at 8 a.m. First Sunday in month also at 7 a.m. Third Sunday in month Mid-day.

    Matins - at 10-45. Men's Fellowship - at 2-30.

    Evensong - at 6.30.

    Children's Service and Holy Baptism - Fourth Sunday in month at 3-15 p.m.

    United Bible Classes Services - Third Sunday at 2-30 p.m.

    Holy Baptism - The Sacrament of Baptism is administered every Monday Afternoon at 3, and on Sundays (at notice given to the Vicar).

    Week Days

    Churchings - Mondays at 3-0, or after any Daily Service.

    Holy Communion - Thursdays and Holy Days at 8 a.m.

    Matins - 8-30 a.m. with Litany on Wednesday and Friday.

    Evensong at 7.

    Service of Preparation for Holy Communion - Every Friday at 7-30 p.m.

    St. Katharine‘s

    Holy Communion every Sunday at 8 a.m.

    Evensong 6 p.m.

    Sunday School 10 a.m., and 2-30 p.m.

    The Good Shepherd

    9 a.m. - Holy Communion, 2nd and 4th Sundays.

    6.30 p.m. - Evensong.

    Sunday School 10-30 a.m. and 2-30 p.m.

    THE QUEEN MOTHER. - While we sorrow with Their Majesties our King and Queen, the other members of the Royal family and the great multitude of personal friends of the beloved Queen Alexandra2 to their grief and bereavement, yet we thank God from our hearts for her wonderful life and inspiring example. During these weeks of mourning let us “think on these things.”

    - Her great aim to be loved by others. We shall never be loved unless we love others.

    - “Nothing succeeds like (not successful) perseverance.” Don‘t get downhearted - go on patiently, faithful, working, to achieve your aims.

    - Her life-long service for the sick and suffering.

    We are all shocked by the news of the terrible accident to and the consequent death of our dear old friend Mrs. Hay, on Monday night last. She was always a most regular Communicant and devoted member of the Mothers‘ Meeting and Women‘s Bible Class. We shall miss her very much. To her daughters and other relatives we extend our cordial sympathy in their sorrow and distress. May God grant her Eternal Rest, Light and Peace.


    For Parish Work Stall, October 31st.

    The Ladies' Work Party wish to thank all who so very kindly contributed articles for the above effort. We are indeed very grateful for so many kindnesses. The effort was most successful, and the sum of £7 16s. 3d was a tremendous help to the Parish Stall.

    A considerable number of articles were left and our Church-warden‘s wives and other helpers decided to give these articles to the Men‘s Stall, Jumble Sale, which was held on Saturday, November 21st, when a sum of £4 was realised. One feels assured that the helpers of the Men‘s Stall join with us in offering sincere thanks to our many kind contributors.

    The Ladies would especially like to thank Mr. Clarence Millward for the splendid help which he gave in collecting practically all these articles. It really was a “trojan” piece of work, and he did it most willingly and with such a splendid spirit. Again we thank Clarence and all who so willingly helped us.


    These very happy social meetings commenced on Wednesday, June 10th 1925, and have continued almost without interruption during the Summer and Autumn. From the social side they have been a real pleasure and we take this opportunity of thanking all those ladies who so very kindly gave teas in their own gardens : the success of these garden teas was a certain sign of the real joy and pleasure which they gave to us all.

    During the Autumn our ladies have given a tea each week and very happy meetings we have had. The financial success of this effort assures us of the happiness of these weekly teas.

    We have been able to assist Mrs. Green and her helpers at the Refreshment Stall to the extent of £16 9s. 9 1/2d (how the 1/2 d came one cannot say !) Then the splendid sum of £13 10s. 6d has helped the Parish Stall and smaller sums have gone to Mrs. W. Attwood, Mrs. Roper and to Miss Barklam.

    In the name of the Work Party, the Vicar and Churchwardens, we thank all who have thus helped us so splendidly. In all we have had 21 teas and those who have faithfully helped us at each one (and there are many) have their best thanks in knowing that they have very substantially helped to forward the extension of God‘s Kingdom at home.

    Our Ladies‘ Work Party has been of real practical help, mainly because we have tried to make our effort the subject of Prayer, and we sincerely desire to extend Christ‘s Kingdom in Cradley and to help to “bear one another‘s burdens.”

    The Work Party have been directly responsible with teas, Jumble Sale, etc., in raising about £39 this season.

    The Vicar earnestly invites each of the Members of the Work Party to join the M.U. Corporate Communion, either at 7 a.m., or 10 a.m., on Monday, November 30th, at the Church‘s Great Prayer Service and there offer our thanks to Him Who has poured His love upon us and prospered the work of our hands to the glory of His Kingdom.

    Thank you one and all for this splendid piece of work in the Master's Service.


    Nov. 29 -ADVENT SUNDAY.


    8 a.m., Holy Communion especially for the newly Confirmed and their friends.

    6:30 p.m., Preacher, Rev. C. D. Banks-Gale, Vicar of Blackheath.

    AT S. KATHARINE'S MISSION the Patronal Festival will be continued.

    8 a.m., Holy Communion.

    10 a.m., Choral Eucharist and Sermon by the Rev. W. Herald.

    6 pm., Preacher, Rev. R. A. Down, of Halesowen Parish Church.

    Nov, 30th - Monday, S. ANDREW‘S DAY and THE ANNUAL SALE OF WORK.

    7-30 a.m., Holy Communion.

    9-30 a.m., Mattins.

    10-0 a.m. Holy Communion - Quarterly Corporate Communion for Mothers‘ Union.

    3 p.m., SALE OF WORK opened by Mrs. Homfray.

    We hope to make this day a day of Continuous Intercession for the Missionary Work of the Church.

    Dec. 6 - Second Sunday in Advent.

    7. and 8 a.m., Holy Communion : Mothers and Sunday School Teachers.

    6-30, Preacher : Rev. W. J. North, Vicar of S. John‘s, Stourbridge.

    Dec. 7, Monday, 3 p.m., Conference of S. Staffs Clergy in Wolverhampton.

    3-30 p.m., Mother‘s Union Service and address by Mrs. Norris in the Church.

    Dec. 9, Wed., 2-30 p.m., School Manager‘s Meeting at Worcester.

    Dec. 10, Thurs., 7-30 a.m., Holy Communion.

    3 p.m., Sale of Work at Halesowen Parish Church.

    Dec, 13 - Third Sunday in Advent.

    8 a.m., Holy Communion Scouts and Guides

    10.45, Preacher, Rev. W. J. North.

    3 p.m., A MUSICAL SERVICE. Halesowen Grammar School Girls‘ Choir,

    conducted by Mr. Thomas, will sing. Organist, Mr. Frank Stevens, L.R.A.M.

    Collection for the New Church Fund.

    Dec. 16, 18 and 19, Wed., Fri., and Sat., are Ember Days. Holy Communion each morning at 7-30.

    Dec. 20 - Fourth Sunday in Advent.

    8 a.m;, Holy Communion, Bellringers, and Men‘s Fellowship.

    Dec. 25 - CHRISTMAS DAY.

    7, 8 and noon, Holy Communion.

    10-45, Mattins and Sermon.

    Dec. 26 - St. Stephen's Day.

    10-0, Holy Communion.

    Dec. 27 - First Sunday after Christmas and S. John‘s Day.

    8 a.m., Holy Communion.

    Dec. 28 - Holy Innocent‘s Day.

    9 a.m., Choral Eucharist for Parents and Children.

    Dec. 30th and 31st, Wednesday and Thursday.

    7-30 p.m., Sunday School Children's Concert “Japhet in Eskimoland,” staged by Mrs. Jolly.

    Cradley Vicarage,

    S. Katharine's Day, 1925.

    Dear Readers,

    This is surely a LADIES‘ NUMBER - my wife has commandeered nearly the whole bag of tricks !

    I am sure you will all try to back up the strenuous efforts which have been made made for months past and make our SALE OF WORK the success we desire.

    Apart from the Concert - “Japhet in Eskimoland” - we hope to arrange other social events on behalf of the Sunday School Funds - including a Children's Dance during the Christmas holidays.

    I have had two interesting letters from MR. LAURENCE3 who has had a wonderful voyage to India, the weather has been superb, and everything else A 1. As my Editorial space is limited and it will be better to reserve further reference to our next issue except these words of his : “I hope especially that the Sale of Work will be a tremendous success and that the Communicants will come at Christmas time in record numbers.” And very fervently we echo, “And so say all of us."

    With kindest regards,

    Yours sincerely,

    W. S. COOPER.


    Income. £ s. d.

    To 21 teas and work 25 16 2/12

    Sold 16 9

    Jumble Sale 7 16 3

    Bible Class and Mothers‘ Meeting Tea 4 10 0

    £38 19 2/12

    Expenditure. £ s. d.

    To goods - materials and garments purchased 25 17 6

    Paid out to Mrs. Green 5 13 0/1/2

    Paid out to Mrs. Green 16 9

    Paid out to Mrs. Roper 1 6 9

    Paid out to Mts. W. Attwood 1 2 3

    Paid out to Miss Barklam 1 0 0

    Balance paid in to Work Stall 3 2 11

    £38 19 2/12

    N.B. - Proceeds of last tea (not included above) will be added to the balance paid in to the Parish Work Stall.


    Again this year our members of the above classes have been hard at work in an effort to assist the funds of the Parish Work Stall. Our good mothers and members of the Bible Class gave and collected provisions and money to supply a really good tea. We do most heartily thank every one of these kind mothers and members for this real bit of sacrifice. There was a wonderful band of them - they came prepared the tea and those who were mainly responsible for all the giving and collecting also presided at the tables most graciously. One can be quite honoured that their guests were well catered for and most kindly attended to. The helpers were so numerous that it would be very difficult if not impossible, to mention each individual worker. The Mother‘s have been most anxious to give every one who helped them their gratitude and thanks. One was almost besieged with requests to remember that this Member or the other did her full and splendid share, equally as well as they did.

    The Parish Work Stall has benefitted by their happy effort to the extent of £4 10s. Our tall helpers wish to thank each one for this good work and we have been requested on their behalf to thank these dear Members of the Mothers Meeting and Women‘s Classes with a very real “Thank you”.

    Below is a Balance Sheet prepared by Mrs. Fred Sidaway who was both clerk and a capital entertainer, too. There was such a good spirit of service shown - all were so independent and anxious to do ALL the work and All and everything themselves. It was the Classes‘ own bit of work and they have reason to be very pleased with its success.

    Mothers' Meeting and Bible Class Tea.

    November 12th 1925.


    £ s. d.

    From Tickets sold 4 17 9

    Work Party 4 6

    Toffee sold 5 10 1/2

    Grocery sold 13 7 1/2

    Subscriptions 14 4

    6 16 1


    £ s. d.

    To Mrs. Dentith 1 18 0

    “ Mrs. Worton 7 6

    “ Two pints of Milk 7

    “ Balance to the Parish Work Stall 4 10 0

    6 16 1


    We are asked by the Diocese to observe the M.U. “Wave of Prayer” and we earnestly ask all the Members of our Branch to meet in the Schools on Thursday November 26th at.7 p.m. for an Instruction on Prayer.

    Will as many as can possibly do so meet at the Holy Communion - the Great Service of Intercession and Prayer on one or each of the following days -

    Nov. 27th Friday 7-30 a.m. Prayers for our Church and Nation.

    Nov 28th Saturday 7-30 a.m. Prayers for our Homes and Children.

    Nov. 29th Advent Sunday 8 a.m. Prayers for Peace, the Sick and Suffering and for all those in temptation, danger and sin.

    Nov. 30th Monday St Andrew‘s Day - Quarterly Communion for M.U. 7-30 and 10 a.m. with Special Thanksgivings and Remembrance for the Missionary Work of our Church, and Intercessions for the progress and success of the M.U. in our own Diocese and especially the Cradley Branch.

    On Monday, December 7th at 3 o‘clock in the Church Mrs. R. A. Norris has kindly promised to speak to our Branch.



    We have all greatly missed the presence and the work of Mr. George Jewiss our faithful veteran Choir Master during these last weeks. Truly sickness and sorrow have visited his home with no light hand. Most of us are aware that he himself was very ill for a month after the Harvest Festival Services and just as he recovered there came the news of the even more serious illness of his wife. We sympathise with them with all our hearts and we do pray that the Healing Christ may transfigure their sufferings, and grant them both His Healing Grace. For something like a quarter of a century Mr. Jewiss has led the singing in our Parish Choir and wonderful times have been seen. His command of the Choir - the splendid co-operation he always secured from men and boys as well as his personal devotional spirit all betokened a man of no ordinary ability and character. There are indications that he may resign his office but we still hope that course can be avoided. It will be a matter of really deep concern and regret if it has to be.

    APROPOS - We need two or three Tenor Voices in the Choir. Who will help us please?


    We have already more than enough names for the Bequest which amounts to £10. We propose it should take a similar form to that of years past, viz : 5/- parcels of groceries.


    The social arranged by the Bible Classes on Thursday, October 15th, was a real success. A very well arranged programme was carried out. This consisted of Games and Dancing and other items. We are very thankful to the Band for their help, and also to all those who gave us Cakes etc. towards refreshments.


    £. s. d.

    Mr. and Mrs. Worton 7 6

    Refreshments 15 0

    1 2 6

    Sale of Tickets and Subscriptions 6 16 0

    Less 1 2 8

    Balance in Hand 5 13 6



    The Duplex System is gradually gaining favour and week by week new contributors send in their names.

    May we appeal to all Subscribers both to the old and new methods to do their best to pay in their 1925 Contributions before December 30th and so enable us to render complete statements and accounts to the Annual Parochial Meeting in January.

    We acknowledge receipt of the following amounts with grateful thanks to all concerned -

    3-10s. 6. 5-£1 1s. 91-2s. 97-4d. 98-1s. 4d. 99-10d. 102-4d. 103-6. 104-1s 8d. 105-2s. 113-10d. 180-4s. 6d. 152-4s. 153-8d. 154-1s. 6d. 155-2s. 6d. 156-2s.6d. 157-4s. 158-4d. 161-8. 182-1s. 6d. 163-1s. 6d. 165-8d. 166-6d. 167-8d. 168-1s. 2d. 169-1s. 170-1s. 9. 171-7d. 172-1s. 173-4s. 3d. 174-2s. 179-8d. 180-1s. 2d. 181-3d. 184-8d. 189-2d. 190-4d. 192-1s. 194-1s. 9d. 195-6d. 196-1s. 197-1s. 3d. 198-4d. 199-2d. 202-9d. Odd Coppers 5d. Total £4 6s. 1d.

    Notes and acknowledgements

    Cradley Links wishes to thank Jill Guest for kindly providing photocopies of the Cradley Parish Magazine of January 1897, December 1925, April 1940, May 1957 and February 2004.

    We would also like to thank the current (2004) Vicar of Cradley, the Rev. Tony Coote, and Church Warden John Clifton for permission to reproduce the Cradley Parish Magazine on this site.

    1 Organist Frank Stevens was also author of "A Short History of Cradley Chapel commonly called the Parish Church of St Peter, Cradley, Staffs" (1933).

    2 Queen Alexandra ("Alix") - b. 1 Dec. 1844 in Copenhagen; father Christian IX (1818-1906), King of Denmark; mother Princess Louise Wilhelmina of Hesse-Cassel (1818-1898). Married "Bertie" (the future King Edward VII) at Windsor on 10 Mar. 1863; crowned 1902. Died 20 Nov. 1925 at Sandringham, buried at Windsor.

    3 See Peter Barnsley's Cradley: Looking Back, p. 37., Cradley's Ambassador to Turkey. The Mr Laurence referred to is the Rev. George Laurence, curate at St. Peter‘s from 1922 to 1925.

    The article in Cradley: Looking Back has a letter from a son of Rev. George Laurence, Sir Peter Laurence, who later held the post of British Ambassador to Turkey

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