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    Cradley Links
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    Cradley High School first opened its doors as Homer Hill Secondary Modern School on the eve of World War Two, in 1939.

    Homer Hill Secondary Modern School

    At the top of Homer Hill in the year 1982, Cradley High was opened to young thriving students within the areas of Halesowen, Stourbridge and Brierly Hill. However the school was struck by tragedy not that long after opening when the Head teacher Mr John Grass died suddenly from a heart attack. His successor was Ms Toni Fowler who remained at the school until it closed its doors 16 years later.

    The schools origins go back to 1939 when it was called Cradley secondary Modern School which was open to children aged 11 and above. The original school building was built in a H shape with an assembly hall added on.

    However in 1972 the school was closed as part of a reorganisation of schools within the Halesowen but was replaced with Cradley Middle School pupils aged 9 to 13. But this was then scraped after 10 years and was redesignated as a comprehensive school for pupils aged 11 to 16 and therefore adopted to the name Cradley High School.

    On the 28th of April 2008 the schools technology workshop was damaged by fire and smoke due to an arson attack. It was believed that a firework was put into the room which set fire to the furniture with inside. The fire was attended by two fire crews from Brierley Hill and Cradley Heath fire stations.

    The school was closed in 2008 and was demolished in the summer of 2010 having been derelict for 2 years. It has since been replaced by a retirement home.

    The "Dinner Ladies", thought to have been taken in the early or mid-1950s. We only know full names for Cissie Clifton (back row, third from left) and Rose Millward (front row, second from left). Please let Cradley Links know if you can identify any of the others (photograph courtesy of John Clifton).

    The Homer Hill Youth Club Football Team, taken on 19 January 1952 before a home game against Blackheath Wanderers. Back row (left to right): Roy 'Tubby' Woodhouse, Haydn Briggs, Gerald Meyer, Peter Barnsley, Ken Cox, - Smith, Wilf Willetts, George Hughes (manager). Front row: Ron Priest, Geoffrey Green, Fred Hughes, Raymond Heath, Don Hill (photograph from A Cradley Album by Peter Barnsley).

    The 1973/74 school football team. Back row (left to right) - John Homer, goalkeeper John Clifton, Stephen Bunn, David Nock (sadly deceased), David Thompson, Mr. S. Wainwright (sadly deceased), Thomas Eden. Front row (left to right) - Ian Hart, John Weston, Nigel 'Tigger' Westwood, Philip Knowles, Amrik Singh, Terence Hughes, Dale Billingham (photograph courtesy of John Clifton).
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