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    Cradley Links

    Do you have material which would be suitable for this site? We welcome all contributions.

    The three essentials are:

    1. items must be relevant to this site's theme, which is "the local and family history of Cradley";
    2. if you mention individuals who may be alive today, you must be absolutely certain that you have their explicit consent to do so;
    3. please don't include copyright material unless you have obtained permission from the copyright owner

    Here are just a few examples of the type of articles that we'd be delighted to receive:

    accounts from your family history research (but remember point 2 above), provided you can provide background details about at least one of the individuals. They certainly don't have to be notable or famous in any way; if anything, a story which your grandfather told you, or your own memory of, say, growing up in Cradley, provides exactly the human interest angle that we're interested in.

    articles about events in Cradley's general history

    photographs, postcards, newspaper articles, advertisements - images from Cradley past and present. Although we'd be prepared to scan (digitise) these for you, it would be heartbreaking to lose an item through the post. Scanners are abundant these days (many students have them), so it's much safer if you can organise to have this done.

    transcriptions of parish records, census records, directories, old books and the like, subject to point 3 above

    Don't worry about converting your article into HTML format - in fact, it's much easier for us if it's in plain text, with only the barest simple formatting - just bold, italics, etc. A normal email message is fine, as is almost any file created under Windows, Macintosh or Linux.

    We prefer to release our articles under Creative Commons licenses, and we'll display full attribution to you at the bottom of your article.

    If we make any changes - such as editing the material to match the overall style of the site, we'll consult you first, and you'll have the opportunity to refuse any such changes.

    For further information, click here to contact us.

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    Cookies help us deliver our services. By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies.