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    Colley Lane Primary School


    Cradley Links is proud to join in congratulating Colley Lane Primary School on its first 100 years of service to the Cradley community.

    Colley Lane Primary School - School Crest

    Cradley Links has been invited by Janet Ingram, Deputy Head Teacher of Colley Lane Primary School in Cradley, to support the school's centenary by helping to let people know what is going on, and appealing for information.

    We are of course pleased to assist, and would join in the appeal for information, memories and photos of the school and its pupils and staff.

    Colley Lane is celebrating its centenary in April 2002. The school is planning to produce a book telling the history of the school, and to have various celebrations at the school for all ex-pupils. There is very little written on the history of Cradley Schools, but one advantage we have is that they still have the logbooks dating back to 1878, when the school was 'The Cradley British School' down at the Baptist Church, and the Infant School was in High Town Ragged School. They have collected a wealth of information and old photographs, and as Dudley Council will be knocking the school down next year the school wishes to try and share as much as possible with all ex-pupils.

    Colley Lane School Buildings (c.2002)

    The Council will be building a new school on the playing fields. We wonder if it will last 100 years!

    The first thing we have been asked to put on Cradley Links is the Colley Lane Newsletter, which is sent out termly to all ex-pupils. This contains details of events and meetings being held to celebrate the Centenary as well as other information e.g. Centenary Calendars. We are starting with the last one to be published.

    Colley Lane Centenary

    Newsletter Update

    October 2001

    School Newsletter (October 2001)

    Plans for next Year

    Celebration Days for all ex-Colley Lane Pupils and Staff

    This will include a look around the school, bringing back memories, before it is knocked down and replaced by the new school.

    Watching demonstration lessons from the 21st Centenary - Literacy, Numeracy and ICT.

    Visiting an exhibition of Colley Lane in the past.

    A special tea and presentation of a souvenir for all old Colley Lane pupils and staff.

    A special entertainment performed by the Colley Lane children.

    This will all take place, probably during the first week of July. This will be confirmed early in the new year.

    Thank you to all those how have helped by being interviewed or bringing in photographs. We are still interested in any other information people may have.

    Other information

    A book 'The History of Colley Lane' will be produced next year.

    Centenary Calendar

    If you would like to order a special Centenary Calendar then you need to return the slip to me at Colley Lane. We have ordered a limited number of calendars and this will show the history of the school from the earliest photographs, to a view of the new school. A special order from has been enclosed.

    As an ex-pupil / member of staff who has made contact with us, we will send you further information about our Centenary Celebrations.

    Yours sincerely

    Mrs Janet Ingram

    Colley Lane Centenary

    Newsletter Update

    January 2002

    School Newsletter (January 2002)

    Plans for the year

    Celebration Days for all ex-Colley Lane Pupils and Staff

    We would like to invite all ex-pupils and staff to one of our celebrations days on either of the following: Wednesday 3rd July, Thursday 4th July or Friday 5th July.

    10.15- 10.45 - arrival tea and look at exhibition in School - Lower Hall

    10.45 Welcome Assembly - Upper Hall

    11.00 Lessons in the 21st Century. You will be taken in small groups to see how lessons are now taught in the 21st Century Literacy/Numeracy and ICT lessons.

    12.00 -1.00 Buffet lunch in Lower Hall

    1.00 - 1.30 Tour of specific classrooms - where ex - pupils would like to visit - by Year 6

    1.30 - 2.30 Performance by Colley Lane Pupils. This will Included choir singing old Colley Lane Anthems, brass, recorders, dance, Early Years choir, Selection from year 6 production of 'Oliver'. Drama group.

    2.30-2.45 Presentation of Centenary item to all Ex-pupils.

    2.45 -3.00 Depart

    We hope you will be able to attend. However we need to limit the numbers each day to a maximum of 50, so could you fill in the enclosed slip and return it to me at Colley Lane School. Remember this may be your last opportunity of seeing this wonderful school in action before it is replaced. Thank you to all those who have helped by sending in photographs and information. If you have any further information please contact me on 01384 816765.

    Other information

    A book 'The History of Colley Lane School' is now being produced and will include many of the photographs that you have so kindly sent in. We hope to complete this and launch it in October.

    Centenary Calendar

    This has been very popular and we hope to produce another calendar next year based on this year's celebrations. We still have a few calendars left so if you haven't yet brought one and would like to purchase one please ring or call at school or you can purchase one from Jill Guest at the Library.

    Yours sincerely

    Mrs Janet Ingram

    Colley Lane School

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