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    A Cradley Reunion by David Bartley

    In October 2008 Homer Hill - Cradley's High School that is no longer - held a reunion for staff and pupils. David Bartley composed a celebration of the event.

    Homer Hill Secondary Modern School, a Cradley education.

    Teachers and pupils reunite, nostalgic appreciation.

    Humbugs and Bulldogs integrate, houses named after hills,

    Remembering days at Homer Hill, the thrills and occasional spills.

    Killer Portman taught us to count, a Battle of Britain hero.

    He regarded the kids as the enemy, ten minus ten equals zero.

    Mister Maunsey - the gentleman, a man with a casual manner.

    Then there was good old "One and Six," otherwise known as Bob Tanner.

    Miss Shaw was loved by everyone, the best loved teacher of all.

    Miss German married Phil Edwards; he must have felt eight foot tall.

    Baldy Woodall was often unfair, he favoured musicians most.

    He never did find the culprit, who sent him a comb through the post.

    Geoff Willetts took us around the world, North, South, East and West.

    Mister Salt just came and went, but "Chalky" was one of the best.

    Mister Perks was a Knockout, Miss Postin picked up the thread.

    "Nobby" Jones would teach us to swim, Stan Edwards was Deputy Head.

    "Daddy" Allen was marvellous, Miss Levi, a memorable sight.

    Miss Thomas was feared by one and all, she gave us a terrible fright.

    Mister Joe Mitchell, he was the Head, Miss Crutchley was active and slim.

    We all remember The Galleon Ship, in Worcestershire's premier gym.

    Mister Stanier - a Master of Art, a master of his profession.

    He taught us to paint, draw and sketch, he left an artistic impression.

    We'll always remember our days at school, a teacher, a classmate, a friend.

    We'll reminisce and celebrate, our affection won't come to an end.

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