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    Cradley Links

    Below is an analysis of business and their owners in Cradley taken from the 1851 Census

    Joseph Bloomer carried on business as a pawnbroker and a shop keeper besides being mine host of the Robin Hood.

    Thomas Howell, landlord of the Black Swan, was also an auctioneer, appraiser, printer and stationer, and agent to the Birmingham Fire Office.

    Fanny Mole was both victular and blacksmith.

    Shoemakers, of which there were 18, there were 6 cobbiers and 15 tailors

    The farms numbered 8 but only one delivered milk, Maria Oliver.

    There were two schoolmasters and two policemen.

    The beadle, who looked after the workhouse in Oldnall Road, was also parish clerk. He lived in a cottage at the side of Two Gates Ragged School.

    The five shopkeepers were, Henry Adams, George Emmett, Daniel Giil, Samuel Smith and John Brettell,

    The two butchers were James and William Attwood.

    There were two painters and glaziers, John Haddock and Samuel Wyer,

    Hairdresser, James Hall, one fruiterer Henry Jones. The grocery and drapery side was catered for by Joseph Wythes and Alfred Wright, who was also the chemist.

    The tailor was W. Yeomans.

    Spades and shovels were manufactured by. Thomas Wood, who lived at Colley Gate House.

    Messrs King Bros. produced fire bricks at Netherend.

    The Post Office was at Park Terrace, Park Road, and the sub-post mistress was Sarah Homer.

    There were 28 premises associated with the beer trade, victulars, maltsters etc. in 1851.

    Bulls Head ( Overend ) John Adams.

    Maypole ( Maypole Hiil ) Samuel Leonard.

    White Lion ( Windmill Hill ) William Owen.

    Old Crown ( Colley Lane ) William Parkes.

    Crown (Barracks Lane ) Elizebeth Simms.

    British Arms ( Furlong Lane ) A. Tate.

    Tavern ( Park Lane ) Eliza Williams.

    Blue Ball,

    Robin Hood,

    Bridge Inn,

    Old Mogul,


    Yew Tree,

    Rising Sun,

    Black Swan,

    Holly Bush,

    Two Gates inn,

    Old Two Gates Inn,

    Malt Shovel.

    The increase in population at this time was mainly due to the construction of the new Stourbridge railway the opening of new mine shafts and the increasing size of The New Brush Iron Company.

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